• Chickens coming home to roost: To YOUR small town or village!

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    Herewith a report in yesterday’s Daily Mail:
    Just when you thought it was safe to go for a walk to the village shop! Now the some of the consequences of this wonderful multi-cultural, diverse society are going to be visited upon you!
    Muslim terrorists are going to be moved from their Sharia Ghettos in the big cities and put into “internal exile.”
    Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister has agreed to re-instate the so-called power of relocation – which was scrapped in 2011 at the demand of the Liberal Democrats.
    At the time, one senior party figure labelled the measure ‘abhorrent’, ‘Stalinist’ and ‘authoritarian’.
    But the abolition of the power has been blamed for two terror suspects absconding and, at a time of huge concern over jihadis returning from Syria, Clegg has struck a deal with the Cameron and his authoritarian side kick May to allow its return.
    Under legislation to be unveiled next week, the law will allow extremists to be forcibly ordered to leave London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and other big cities to separate them from their extremist network.
    They will then be made to live in isolated rural areas identified by the Home Secretary, on the advice of MI5 and the security services.
    Declaration of Interest: The Editor who lived in the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-racial and multi-every-other-bloody-thing Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire from 1955 to 2013 and witnessed during that time the transformation of the city from industrial northern city to something midway between Islamabad and Timbuktu with burqas replacing mini skirts and “hot pants” is destined to see some of the his more repellent former neighbours become his neighbours to be. Oh, joy!

    • The unfortunate truth is we have all been running from the globalist imposed future that is fast becoming a nasty reality in Britain. At some point presumably with our backs to the sea we will have to either fight or submit to live in some kind of peace as a slave nation in a land we gave away.

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