• Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon: Odysseus and the Siren?


    Above: Our apologies to Miss Kelly Brook.

    In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

    It is entirely possible that Ed Miliband will find himself the leader of the largest party in the Commons after May 2015, very possibly (due to the boundaries of the present constituencies) having gained little more or even a little less of the popular vote than the Tories. Based on current trends (which of course can change greatly) we are likely to see the SNP take many even most of Labour’s Scottish seats.

    Ms. Nicola Sturgeon will therefore be literally in a commanding position and will doubtless offer (notwithstanding her statements to the contrary) Unfortunate Ed a coalition based on the following terms:
    1. Even greater devolution to Scotland than that offered by Lord Smith.
    2. A “financial settlement” for Scotland – AKA “Loads of Money.”
    3. Removal of the RN’s Trident submarines from Scotland.

    In return she will offer the SNP’s votes to support Labour’s programme [for England] to ensure that Labour can govern at Westminster as a majority government.

    The British Gazette’s message to Mr Miliband: Ignore this Caledonian Siren! It will lead to disaster! [for you and your party]

    To adapt the original siren’s song that was a promise to Odysseus:

    Once He hears to his heart’s content, carries on, a Powerful Man.
    We know all the pains that the Lib-Dems and Tories once endured on the spreading plain of Europe and the Economy when the Gods willed it so -
    All that comes to pass on the fortunate Economy, we know it all…..

    Of course British Gazette Readers know that the Siren’s promise was a disaster for the unfortunate Odysseus – just as Siren Nicola’s promise would be a disaster for Unfortunate Ed!
    It is interesting to note that those left wing Europhiles at the BBC (Britons Broadcasting Cods-wallop) have suggested that the adoption of EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) would lead to a “Constitutional Crisis” were a Labour government to be elected with a majority that comprised a number equal to or less than the number of its seats in Scotland because it would mean that Labour could not get its programme of government [for England] through the Commons.
    This assertion by BBC journalists is not only complete cods-wallop; it is the very opposite of the case!
    Were [following the additional devolution to Scotland] Labour were to force its programme through using Scottish votes (whether they were Labour or SNP members) that would produce a “Constitutional Crisis” – which is of course EXACTLY what the Siren Nicola wants!
    Siren Nicola would be hoping that after five years of what could best be described as “colonial rule” – English voters would be so incensed that they would vote in a majority Tory or Tory/UKIP coalition that having “reassessed” the level of money going to Scotland – would provide Siren Nicola with the basis to demand another referendum on independence.
    So, what for Ed Miliband is the alternative?
    Well, if he has the courage, this:
    Make an agreement with the defeated Tories to sustain a minority Labour government on the following terms:
    1. Legislate Lord Smith’s recommendations into law and at the same time legislate EVEL into existence.
    2. Implement the Boundary Commission’s recommendations insofar as constituency boundaries are concerned.
    3. Promise to hold an “In/Out referendum” on EU membership should “any substantial treaty change occur.”
    Could this work?
    The answer is yes it could. This situation of a government not having a majority in the legislature happens quite often in the USA. US Presidents can often find themselves in a situation that the opposition have control of Congress and the President has to negotiate his programme through.
    Now we have five year parliaments, a Commons where a “gentlemen’s agreement” that the “three line whip” is not used, could work quite well. You see, despite their many and varied failings, MPs are not a uniform bunch of party line automatons. Most do in fact have their own particular opinions. Were Ed to attempt to govern on this basis we would find that MPs across the Commons divide would cause a coherent programme to come into existence.
    This of course would be to the fury of the SNP!
    If he looks ahead to the election after 2015 – 2020 – Ed must realise that a Labour/SNP government ruling England in the manner of an Imperial power would prove disastrous to Labour. But a word of caution: We are talking about the man who put the Climate Change Act 2010 through the Commons. A man who seriously thinks that much of the UK’s base load requirements can be met by covering the North Sea with wind turbines and installing solar panels on the roofs of most buildings!

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