• David Cameron: If you hand over the government of the U.K. to a Foreign Power (the EU), what do you expect????

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    As his date with the scaffold of public opinion (the May 2015 General Election) gets closer, David Cameron is facing yet another setback to his wish to continue being Prime Minister. See the Daily Mail article in the link below:


    Of course, it will make little difference whoever is elected after May 2015 as it is perfectly clear that major decision like benefit entitlements and who gets them is no longer taken by Westminster but Brussels.

    This situation will continue and it will only be in 2020 when the coutry is no longer in the EU but in the EEA when these questions are more likely to be answered as the decision will be this: Does the UK remain a member of the EEA or leave?

    • At least the majority of the public now realize what control the EU has over our lives and have woken up to the fact that so many promises and statements made by our politicians are beyond their personal deliverance.
      Has anyone seen Farage’s Christmas card yet? It is said to be a cartoon of Nigel in a white van, running over Cameron Milliband and Clegg!

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