• Anything can happen in the next 138 days.


    Here’s a thought to make those of a certain age cringe: Remember Thunderbirds?

    For those fortunate readers too young to remember “Thunderbirds” was a science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson between 1964 and 1966. It was produced using marionette puppetry combined with scale-model special effects.

    Those who remember what was a popular children’s TV programme may recall what Jeff Tracy said as the credits rolled at the start of each half hour episode: “Anything can happen in the next 30 minutes!”

    Well the same could be said of the next 138 days until the General Election on Thursday 7th May 2015.

    Of course cheesy memories are not the preserve of we Brits! Looking at the above image of Vladimir “Macho Man” Putin spare a thought for the Russians!

    The Editor of the British Gazette is of course most grateful to President Putin for making reference to the Russian Bear after our article of the 17th December:
    Although we cannot predict the outcome of the next election, we can draw attention to certain things that will effect the result. Chief among these of course that our politicians are not in control of events: Events are in control of them.

    Cameron and Hammond have no control over the UK’s foreign policy in relation to Russia as this is now being handled by the EU and therefore, Germany.

    We also know however that the Second Round Presidential elections on 23rd December in Greece will be significant.

    Although Greece appears to be on track for a primary budget surplus in 2014, the country still has an enormous debt pile of 175.5 percent of GDP, and it needs political credibility in order to soothe international investors. This will not be helped if the anti-austerity party Syriza gains ground.

    Herewith below a link which shows the UK’s debt position along with other major economies:
    Then of course we have the unstable situation in the Middle East.

    Whatever happens overseas and in Europe, what we do know is this:

    1. Global warming is NOT happening and UK winters are likely to be cold.
    2. The UK is going to loose reliable affordable base load electrical generating capacity and will loose the struggle to replace that capacity.
    3. The power cuts that will follow point 2, above, will likely cause the UK’s credit rating to be cut, making the cost of servicing the debt that much more expensive.

    British Gazette readers will of course be aware that 1. 2. and 3. are beyond the control of the politicians at Westminster. They are like the pins in a ten pin bowling alley – standing in a row, unable to move to avoid the ball coming towards them.

    What we also know is this: Whoever wins the General Election or whatever group of parties form a coalition afterwards, will become very unpopular very soon as they grapple with the power cuts and the adverse consequences of a lower credit rating and higher interest payments on the national debt.

    From a party political viewpoint (whatever your party) it will be better to be in opposition or sitting on the sidelines than to be in government after 7th May 2015.

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