• Of Cameron and Carrots: What is he NOT telling you?


    Phobias are the “in thing” nowadays, aren’t they?

    For instance, we have Islamophobia (the fear of being blown up by an ISIS terrorist) and Xenophobia (the fear of having NO proper border controls).

    There are of course many phobias. For instance there is the one the Editor suffers from, Ergophobia. Then we have the one that Cameron and his Ilk suffer from: Veritaphobia. Veritaphobia is of course the fear of the truth. Veritaphobia is quite a common complaint at Westminster, in particular within the confines of the Palace of Westminster. 10 Downing Street has however long been a particular hot spot. Chronic suffers have long resided there.

    The reason for the title and the image of today’s article is of course that carrots were one of the most prominent of the great deceptions perpetrated in recent times. And it was a deception that was an honourable and worthy one and one that happily succeeded. As British Gazette Readers will know, Radar and the Chain Home stations was one of the assets that gave this country that vital edge in the Battle of Britain. Airborne radar was later developed and the word was put about amongst the British population to eat carrots to boost night vision – to aid the spotting of enemy aircraft at night. The RAF knew that they had to fool the British People completely for that was the only way they could fool the Germans. And it worked!

    Unfortunately this noble example has since been duplicated by the dishonourable successors to honourable men. Nonsense such as CO2 is a problem and is warming the planet and making the oceans acidic. Nonsense such as the sulphur dioxide emitted from coal fired power stations is endangering plant life when in fact it is doing exactly the opposite! Nonsense such as a combination of energy saving, wind turbines and solar panels can provide most the the UK’s electricity.

    Of course Cameron no more believes the nonsense he commands to be put out any more than Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Sir Charles Portal, Viscount Portal of Hungerford KG, GCB, OM, DSO & Bar, MC did about eating carrots! But then Lord Portal was an honourable honest military man leading the nation’s fight for survival and had a justifiable excuse.

    The question many will ask of course is: Why?

    Cameron is not a stupid man. He knows that the wind turbines cannot supply the power reliably and have a short service life (15 years or so as opposed to 55 years of a coal fired power station). He knows that by the time the unfortunate Ed Davy or whoever is his successor finishes the construction of the first tranche of wind turbines the first examples will have reached the end of their lives and will need to be replaced. In other words a Forth Bridge scenario but on an altogether grander and more costly scale.

    The most obvious fact is that there is something (or some things) that we the British People ARE NOT BEING TOLD.

    Why are we being force fed bullshit whilst the UK’s economy is put at very serious risk due to the lack of reliable competitively priced electricity?

    Yes, the Green Economy and Green Jobs are a scam but Cameron and his ilk MUST KNOW that ALL frauds if persisted with will end up with the perpetrators being found out, arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned! Let us face it, if the Lord Chief Justice, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Attorney General do not know this, then who the hell does?

    One has to ask these questions: Is there an affordable new technology being developed which can quickly be put in place to fill the energy gap? And if so, why the secrecy? And what is it?

    There is no doubt, it is a great mystery as the actions of the politicians – across the world – seem to defy common sense and rational explanation.

    • Jack,

      You’re a crazy guy!

      The answers are that the politicians are crooks. They do the things they do because they think that as they make the law, they are above the law. This is why in the past it appears that children were horrifically abused in Dolphin Square – the pederasts involved believed they could get away with their crimes. Hopefully they will be brought to book.

      As for aliens (by which I mean little green men – or are they supposed to be grey? – and not asylum seekers) and their flying saucers – these inhabit the same realm as “Nessie” the Loch Ness monster – the imagination.

    • Mr Editor, You ask three questions. Here are the answers:

      Q1: Is there an affordable new technology being developed which can quickly be put in place to fill the energy gap?
      Answer: Yes.
      Q2: And if so, why the secrecy?
      Answer: The source is extra terrestrial. The governments have been in contact with more than one ETC (Extra Terrestrial Civilisation) since the beginning of the 1950s. There has been a sort of a secret trading relationship. That people have been abducted by ETs for experimentation has been known amongst the public but always denied by the authorities. Why do ET’s abduct humans? For bio-security reasons of course! To protect them and us. In exchange for turning a blind eye the ETs give bits of technological information to the governments – drip feed.
      Q3: And what is it?
      Answer: Probably anti-matter. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor supposedly a tokamak nuclear fusion reactor is nothing of the sort. It will be an anti-matter reactor probably producing energy in the form of X Rays which will be collected by an X ray version of a photo-voltaic collector.

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