• Police confirm Glasgow bin lorry crash ‘not terrorism-related’: Do we believe it?

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    Glasgow Police have stated that the horrific crash is ‘not terrorism-related’. Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson said:
    “Investigations continue into the circumstances of the tragic incident in George Square today.
    While those investigations are continuing, we can however confirm that this is not a terrorism-related incident.”
    One would assume therefore that the driver suffered some sort of seizure. However, there are now reports that suggest that Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson’s statement might be terminologically inexact.
    It has been revealed that the identity of the driver of the bin lorry will be protected indefinitely. A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, which owns the bin lorry involved in the George Square tragedy, said it would “never release the names” of the driver or other two individuals who were in the cabin when it crashed.
    This raises a question: If the driver had a seizure, why did the other two occupants not try and stop the lorry?
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    • Oh dear. This horrific event will only be understood when the truth is out. I thought we lived in a democracy and enjoyed freedom of information.

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