• Vielen Danke Meine Führer! (Thank you, Thank you My Leader!)

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    Two things were announced on the news yesterday by the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat. One was the death of former Royal Navy officer Bernard Jordan.

    See: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/11328136/D-Day-veteran-Bernard-Jordan-dies-after-lifetime-of-duty-and-adventure.html

    The other was the visit of Frau Doktor Angela Dorothea Merkel the Chancellor of Germany.

    Doktor Merkel of course is visiting Cameron to give him his “to do list.” This will be a short list, largely made up of “……you will support me on the Ukraine issue…..” He will of course be told what he already knows: That he will not receive any “concession” on the Free Movement of People. Thus Cameron’s immigration problem will remain unsolved. Other matters such as the upsurge of Islamic extremism in Europe will be discussed. But the future of the European Union and the UK’s membership of it will hardly be touched upon as there will be little point as it has already been decided! This is because the countries that will constitute the Eurozone after 2020 EU will have to centralize economic and fiscal authority in Brussels in order for the Euro to survive. The only question they will discuss in relation to this is the possibility of Greece remaining in the Eurozone and by extension the EU.

    Both politicians will know that the UK’s exit from the EU but continued membership of the European Economic Area as a member of EFTA is inevitable. This is why Doktor Merkel will not spend much time discussing it. She is a busy woman and will concentrate on matters she considers important: the upsurge of Islamic extremism in Europe and the resulting rise in vociferous opposition parties who stridently oppose the idea that Sharia Law should be imposed in Europe.

    Given the present subservience of the office of Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury to the office of Chancellor of Germany it is perhaps a kindness that Bernard Jordan was spared the pain of witnessing this.

    • Bernard Jordan will already have seen enough in recent years to wonder why he and his comrades thought their sacrifice was for a just and safe world.

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