• There now follows a party political broadcast – For the next hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Above, an old stock publicity photograph of a Ford Cortina Mk IV.

    The title of today’s article is how the faceless voice on BBC2 SHOULD have announced the programme, “The Super Rich and Us” that was broadcast at 9:00PM on the night of Thursday 8th January, 2015.

    This is because it was in effect a 60 minute long (and it was very long) party political broadcast on behalf of Old (Squeeze the rich until the pips squeak) Labour of the 1970s. It was presented by Jacques Peretti the investigative left wing journalist.

    For those dedicated masochists there is an opportunity for further pain and suffering of the mind and eardrums next Thursday at the same time when part two is broadcast!

    For those for whom one dose was sufficient the British Gazette will present some FACTS to counter Mr Peretti’s propaganda – for that is what it was.

    The main targets of Mr Peretti’s rant was the so called “Non-Doms” – those extremely wealthy foreigners who are classed as not being domiciled in the UK for tax purposes. British Gazette readers will probably have heard of such as Roman Abramovich – a prominent example of these.

    Mr Peretti’s claim is that “trickle down” (aka trickle through) economics does not work and that billionaires such as Mr Abramovich are bad for Britain.

    Mr Peretti went on to relate through rose – red, red rose that is – coloured spectacles 1970s Britain with its trades union run nationalised industries, closed shops and factories churning out – when they weren’t on strike that is – such wonderfully reliable and well made products such as the Morris Marina! And the even more reliable and well built Austin Allegro! This is seems was the Golden Age!

    This of course is MOST surprising – for those of us who experienced it first hand!

    Ah!!!!! But there may be a reason. My memory may be playing tricks on me. Ah yes, that is it. Like the time I set off from my home in Roundhay Leeds that time in 1978 at 7:00AM to drive up to the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead in my – it was my employer’s actually – Mk IV Ford Cortina 1.6L to visit a prospective customer only to find that when I arrived at the appointed time – 9:30AM – the workforce were on strike (a sudden “wildcat” one) and I had had a wasted journey! Clearly this can never have happened – I must have imagined it! Note to ALL teenagers: there were no mobile telephones at that time!

    What Mr Peretti FAILED to point out was that these super wealthy foreigners who had chosen to reside in the UK had moved from OTHER countries and therefore were bringing their vast spending lifestyle to these shores.

    Which means of course that those shops selling such extraordinary artefacts as watches costing over £200,000 are trading in the UK and not elsewhere.

    This means that such firms are employing people in this country and are paying Employers National Insurance contributions, VAT and Corporation Tax!

    That this strategy is in fact SUCCESSFUL – together with a not unreasonable 50% maximum tax ceiling for those domiciled for tax purposes in the UK – is demonstrated by the fact that the UK economy is doing a lot better than that of France and Spain.

    The Editor finishes today’s article with a question: Is there anybody out there who does NOT believe that the BBC has a left wing bias?

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