• Today’s Acronym is: C.A.M.E.R.O.N.


    The acronym C.A.M.E.R.O.N. stands for; Cant Arrogance Mendaciousness Effrontery Ridiculousness Obsequiousness Narcissism.
    This sums up David Cameron, the man masquerading as Prime Minister of a supposedly independent state perfectly.

    One of the prominent features of any person fitting this particular acronym is enormous hypocrisy. Today, David Cameron will stand with great aplomb and solemnity amidst the celebrities in Paris to mourn a group of cartoonists he would have condemned for bigoted xenophobia a fortnight ago. That is before these people were murdered by two bigoted xenophobes.

    Cameron’s hypocrisy is shown by his own pompous riposte to Mr Farage’s comments about multiculturalism. After rebuking Farage Cameron went onto state:

    “Those values include freedom of speech, the right to disagree, the right to argue in public, the right to have government under the rule of law, the right a tolerant society with a strong democracy. Today is the day for those arguments and I would argue not much more than that.”

    British Gazette comment: An excellent authority on this is a certain Mr Timothy Miller of Eastleigh in Hampshire who in December 2013 had the brazen effrontery to hang a sign outside his house which stated: “Dear Father Christmas All we really need is our country back.” Mr Miller received a visit from the Police soon afterwards. See: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2013/12/21/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-a-visit-from-the-police/

    So there you have it! It is not Mr Miller who possesses brazen effrontery it is Mr David (C.A.M.E.R.O.N) Cameron.

    If Mr Cameron wants to show his support for the murdered cartoonists, he should repeal all the restrictive legislation relating to so called “hate crime” and allow true freedom of speech.

    But then David Cameron would never do such a thing – it would annoy Mrs Theresa May – she who describes the party of which she is a member as being “the nasty party” – which presumably is why she and Cameron joined it.

    Doctor Johnson had it right when he penned, “Hypocrisy is the necessary burden of villainy.”

    • Cameron went to Eton. Clegg went to Westminster – the school. Blair went to Fettes College – in Edinburgh. What do you expect?

    • Peter, why don’t you tell it like it is!
      It wasn’t just the grammar schools that ensured this way of thinking, I went to a very good secondary modern ( which did not become bog-standard until it was forced to become a comprehensive), and the people I grew up with certainly have more critical faculties firing than the comp, generations. Wasn’t that the game plan tho’ to ensure that future generations would not question those ruling them?
      I was also fortunate to have parents who instilled in their offspring the need to question all that was going on around them and they also only had the basic state education of their day.

    • I totally agree with every word. Unfortunately the vast majority of the general public mostly educated under our state education system are not taught to discuss, analyse, research, reflect, critiique as they would have been had the grammar school education which I enjoyed in Surrey and is still available in Kingston upon Thames, Sutton and Sutton & Cheam, I would love to say in many other parts of the UK, but this is going down instead of up. The Main Stream Media just trot out the “party line” of those that own and run the media which the vast majority of people actually believe without further thought. Where are the demonstrations on the street about the dreadful things now occurring? I wouldn’t honestly use the term sheep, but chickens, clucking along.

    • Good post, Peter – fact is we must resist bullies of all shades, whether mudering jihadists, European Commissioners, or even vexatious litigants.

      In the countryside now, we have the right to ‘roam’.

      We used to have the ‘right to roam’ in the marketplace of ideas.

      But now we are being cowed into having that right restricted – and probably next month all our e-mails will be seen by the state.

      If they are not already.

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