• Is this the first “shot” in the Second English Civil War?

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    British Gazette readers will be of two opinions about the image for today’s British Gazette article: For or Against.

    As you can see, the source image is of today’s Charlie Hebdo cover but with a rather prominent removal. The controversial image has been replaced with a question mark that signifies the question mark of the question that is today’s title.

    It had been reported that hundreds of copies of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo ’survivors’ magazine are expected to be brought today in the UK – the magazine is not normally sold in the country apart from specialist suppliers.

    A certain Mr Anjem Choudary has described this as “an act of war”.

    This organ has for some time been warning its readers of the disastrous policy pursued by this and previous governments, pointing out that we have two sections of British Society now diametrically opposed to the other. We have those who are described as “radical Islamists” such as Mr Anjem Choudary and then we have such as a Mr Paul Kemp the Director of the organisation “Brighton Pride” that organises the annual “Gay Pride” event in Brighton.

    The political leaders in this benighted country, Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband try and suggest that this is not a problem and that the threat of violence can be met with increased security and surveillance.

    The sad and depressing facts of the matter however are these; that due to their ineptitude over the years civil strife in the UK can no longer be avoided. What can be done is to attempt to manage and contain it. However, it must be stressed that in and of itself increased security and surveillance WILL NOT be the answer.

    Sadly we have seen the answers that await us.

    We have seen in how in Ulster after the start of “The Troubles” in 1969 we saw how many mixed communities ceased to be mixed and the development of what euphemistically were known as “peace walls” erected. Then we have seen the security wall erected by the Israeli authorities. Then we saw how apartheid was set up in South Africa. The answer will unfortunate be a combination of all of these. In the future we are likely to see a sort of devolution where certain regions will in fact become Islamic states run on Sharia Law. Naturally, those of faiths other than Muslim will for the most part not wish to live there and will relocate. We may well find some form of compulsion insofar as Muslims as concerned for many Muslims do not wish to live under Sharia Law but by that time society will have become so polarised that there will very much be a “them and us” attitude abroad.

    So we have another question for you Dear Reader: do you think there will be an England in 2066 that will be able to celebrate the millennium of the Norman Conquest?

    • Dear BG,
      I have just found your blog – congratulations on a fine addition to free speech on-line. Partition in England and Britain was predicted by Nick Griffin and possibly others some years ago, and there is already de facto partitioning or ‘no-go areas’ in many of our urban areas based on religious and ethnic lines. With the current globalist inspired mass immigration policies being pursued to their logical conclusions, the possibility of unrest and future violence certainly exists. The police forces in UK are arming in preparation for something.
      With regard to 2066 ‘celebrations’ I’m not sure whether our subjugation by yet another foreign ruler is something I wish to remember!

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