• Edward the Unfortunate.


    One can’t but help feel sorry for Ed Miliband.

    Christian charity demands it! [1 Corinthians 13]

    Things just keep going wrong!

    Earlier today Ms Nicola Sturgeon visited London and gave the speech (above) Labour voters have always wanted Unfortunate Ed to make. Then later at Prime Minister’s questions, Unfortunate Ed jumped in with both feet by making comments that The Right Honourable, The Lord Fink took to be defamatory and challenged Unfortunate Ed to apologise and retract them or to repeat them outside the privilege of the Commons and face an action in the Courts.

    Then, since the fates had deemed that Unfortunate Ed had not suffered enough, we had the spectacle of Harridan Hatemen and the socialist sisterhood and their cerise [not pink] Transit van!

    Clearly, not one of Unfortunate Ed’s better days then!

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