• The Ukraine: Britain’s interest?


    One of the clearest examples of this country’s status of “Vassal of the European Union” is Cameron’s slavish compliance – as required by the Lisbon Treaty – to support the EU’s [Germany's] policy on extending the borders of the EU’s [Germany's] territory to include part of Ukraine.

    In its news reports even the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat’s own reporters could not credibly not report the FACT that those living in the east of that poor benighted country speak Russian, are members of the Russian Orthodox Church and look to Moscow and not to Kiev. And they most certainly do not want to look to Berlin!

    Let us remember some of the most bitter and hard fought battles of WW2 were fought on the soil of the Ukraine. Since 1815, it has been a core objective of British Foreign Policy – in the days when there was such a thing as it is now the Common Foreign Policy of the EU [Germany] – that no one European power should achieve dominance on the continent. Therefore a powerful Russia is in the UK’s interests so it is capable of challenging the EU [Germany].

    Herewith an English language Russian news source: http://rt.com/news/231571-putin-minsk-ukraine-deal/

    Contrary to the propaganda put out by the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat, Vladimir Putin is not a dictator and in fact has poll ratings Cameron would give a HSBC Swiss account for.

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