• Tolerance: A lesson ALL must learn.


    The use of above image will undoubtedly bring forth accusations of racism and Sinophobia.

    Its use is quite deliberate for one of the most important lessons that the rulers of such countries as Denmark and the UK must learn is that one cannot extol tolerance on the one hand and condemn intolerance on the other when you yourself practise the latter and preach the former.

    The murders committed by Denmark’s home grown terrorist were atrocious but rather than repeat previous comments on the rise of Islamic terrorism in Europe and elsewhere, this organ will continue the debate that which was so outrageously interrupted in Copenhagen.

    In a diverse country such as Denmark or the UK we have many different communities with widely differing outlooks on life. We have what is described as the “LBGT” community in Brighton. We have the Muslim community in Tower Hamlets.

    Those such as David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband cannot claim to be part of the solution when they condemn those who describe homosexual men as sodomites but then urge all to be tolerant of other people’s opinions.

    This is particularly important insofar as the bringing up of our young is concerned. Today teachers are instructed to monitor children’s utterances in the playground to determine if they are being instructed in racism and homophobia and other such monstrous crimes by their parents. This is not practicing tolerance. It is the very opposite. Humor often has a sharp edge and that of the juvenile variety particularly so. It has been like that since the time of the building of Stonehenge.

    So the very first lesson Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband must learn is to be able to chuckle at the image of today’s article and not rush to condemn it and this organ’s Editor as a monstgrous bigot. If they cannot do this they are simply demonstrating that they are not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

    • Historian Mary Beard is lambasted online for backing a free speech campaign. She was accused of attacking the transgender community for signing an open letter that some feminists were being kept out of university debates, because they were deemed critical of transsexuals.
      So, free speech is only allowed if the ‘politically correct’ deem it acceptable. Never mind that she belongs to the majority group of heterosexuals, in which case, such an attack must surely be classed as HETEROPHOBIA?

    • They are constructing, and monitoring a reality which they wish us all to subscribe to. We will not. We won’t.

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