• Ein weißer Völkermord? (A white genocide?)

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    Above is a video published on the 24th February, 2015. As will become obvious, this is not the sort of fare the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat will serve up! To call this video “politically incorrect” does not begin to call the reaction it will cause amongst the ruling elite.

    OK then, what does the British Gazette have to say about the video?

    Well, this organ will not seek to guide You, Dear Reader as there is no need. Rather, this organ would draw your attention to the following:

    Herewith is an article in the Daily Telegraph following a recent BBC documentary about Hermann Göring’s attempt to recreate the extinct auroch by back breeding – a project doomed to failure as this is only possible with DNA manipulation – a technology that Göring did not have. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/wildlife/7011035/Giant-cattle-to-be-bred-back-from-extinction.html
    So, what has this to do with the video? Nothing except it shows us that which is impossible today may well be possible tomorrow. For instance medical technology is developing at a rate where children can be produced in such a way as to ensure that they do not suffer from serious life limiting conditions such as Huntingdon’s Chorea. That of course is all very well for such children genetically engineered to be free of the disease, but what about the unfortuante souls born with such a condition?

    Well medical technology will one day be able to come to their aid. By use of a technology known as DNA resequencing. DNA resequencing will be a course of treatment that will alter a person’s DNA to “get rid” of a condition such as Huntingdon’s Chorea. Think of a computer programme with something seriously wrong with it that causes the programme to freeze after a period of time. What is likely to happen? Answer, a computer programmer will be called in to rewrite that part of the programme to ensure that the programme runs faultlessly. In the future what happens today with incorrectly written software will happen with incorrect DNA.

    This medical technology will of course be a great breakthrough which will lead to many people living longer healthier lives. Of course any such technology can be put to different uses. There is no doubt that DNA resequencing technology will be able to be used for what could be called “cosmetic purposes.” We already have numbers of young women paying money to have surgically enhanced breasts. It is also the case that a some men arrange for alterations to certain parts of their anatomy.

    Then of course we have such as the late and unlamented Hermann Göring. So what would the Ministerpräsident von Preußen think of the video? Well he would not be a happy bunny would he! His solution probably would be to have mass aplication of DNA resequencing technology to have all persons resident in Europe to have ash blonde hair and blue eyes no doubt!

    One wonders if the average young Somali lady recently arrived in Europe and hoping to end up in the Promised Land of Surrey would be happy with the prosepct that such would mean she would end up looking like the lady below?So there you have it. We do not control the future.

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