• Schadenfreude! Schadenfreude! Das ist, was wir wollen! (This is what we like!)

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    Today’s title sung to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” chorus.

    Looking at the latest polling results in Scotland and from reading the runes from some utterances of Labour Party apparatchiks it appears that Unfortunate Ed is preparing himself for five years of domination from Mistress Sturgeon! Ouch!!!!

    The result of the May 2015 General Election may turn out to be if not the final nail in the coffin of the First Past The Post electoral system, one of the last nails. This is because the expected results in England (by far the largest of the four UK nations) in terms of ordinal rankings of the share of the popular vote and also numbers of seats will be as follows:

    Share of the Popular Vote:
    First: Conservatives.
    Second: Labour
    Third: UKIP
    Fourth: Greens
    Fifth: Liberal Democrats

    Numbers of Seats:
    First: Labour
    Second: Conservatives
    Third: Liberal Democrats
    Fourth: UKIP
    Fifth: Greens.

    The organ is not going to call the results in terms of numbers of seats but it is clear that Cameron will not be able to form a tripartite coalition with the Lib-Dems and UKIP for obvious reasons. A minority Tory/Lib-Dem coalition would not last very long. Thus we have the prospect of the so-called, “Progressive Coalition.”

    The “Progressive Coalition” will of course be dominated by the SNP in league with Plaid Cymru and Ms Lucas, the Member for Brighton. Such a coalition will have a degree of legitimacy as Labour will doubtless declare that in terms of combine numbers of votes more people voted for Labour and the Greens than did for the Tories.

    Of course, it will be interesting to discover if the combined numbers who will have voted for the Tories and UKIP will exceed the Labour + Green total. This attempt at claiming some for of legitimacy of course will be essential as an SNP led Labour government will in effect be a colonial government of England imposed from north of the border.

    British Gazette readers will instantly shout Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose)! For as you know Dear Reader, we have been governed from Brussels as a dependent territory for decades!

    What of course we will see is higher taxes, much higher electricity bills as the numbers of wind turbines will multiply. We shall see Trident scrapped. We will likely see the two 65,000 ton carriers commissioned – with helicopters only.

    The commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales as helicopter carriers will in fact make them quite useful vessels as they will be able to be used to put ashore numbers of Royal Marines and to support them with attack helicopters. There is now no way the Royal Navy can take on another navy of any significant size but these ships could effectively deal with terrorists and kidnap situations in failed states.

    There will however be certain very ominous and dangerous developments taking place. These will be two things in particular. And they are linked.

    Unfortunate Ed will declare that he wants to see an increase in voter turnouts. To achieve this he will propose two reforms:
    1. Lowering the voting age to 16.
    2. Introducing online voting.

    The combination of these two will be a grave threat to the integrity of the voting system. In future voting in many ethnic communities will have more in common with the Trades Union “block vote” than proper democracy as large numbers of people will have their votes taken over by the so called “community leaders” – AKA local loud mouths.

    Unfortunate Ed’s calculations will be that given the demographics (the rapid growth of the ethnic population) and the fact that young people are far more likely to vote if they can do so online this will protect Labour from the inevitable backlash from elderly white middle class voters who will have been hit by the double whammy of the continued low interest rates with the addition of high inflation. NB: The UK’s international creditors WILL NOT ALLOW Unfortunate Ed to borrow the extra £180 billion demanded by Misstress Sturgeon – so he will have to print the extra money instead!

    Of course there is an alternative open to Unfortunate Ed: A so-called “Grand Coalition” with the Tories. Sounds implausible but see our article of 20th February, 2015: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/02/20/nicola-sturgeon-where-reality-comes-up-against-fantasy/

    • Not only is this a good read, full of relevant details, it will be excellent reference material for me to refer to for the forthcoming run up to the election, then after and for some considerable time to come. Love the picture.

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