• CRIME REPORT: A case of Identity Theft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Today’s article is a report about two instances of identity theft that will be of interest to you Dear Reader.

    Back in August 2014 we discovered that a gentleman in Ipswich in Suffolk had set up a competing blog to the British Gazette called the British Gazette – with the domain name, thebritishgazette.co.uk. It was of a VERY different political hue – and not the least bit contentious – and much more politically acceptable – to such as David Cameron!

    I wrote to this gentleman suggesting that he desist and I made it clear that we were looking for a friendly and amicable resolution.

    This gentlemen contacted me by return and was most perturbed for until he received my letter he had no knowledge that this website existed or that he was registered as the owner of the domain!!!!! He had checked his credit and debit cards and to his very great relief found that they had not been used. Since the web host company recognised him as the owner of the website and the domain the website was closed down and the domain name transferred to me.

    Now a similar thing has happened again. It is clearly the same crowd as the actual webpages are the same as before! This time a domain (comprising of four random letters and the suffix .com) that was previously registered in Germany was re-registered to a gentleman in Edgware in Middlesex. I wrote to this gentleman and he replied by return. He too was most perturbed as my writing to him was the first time he had known that someone was using his identity to publish an online newspaper!

    What this demonstrates is that the Europhiles and the European Union do not like the fact that the British Gazette exists and Speaks the Truth to the Nation – because the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat and Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband do not.

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