• UK membership of the EU: the end is in sight.


    From the above image of a UKIP car sticker you may Dear Reader conclude that this organ is going to predict a stunning outcome for UKIP and with it, Cameron forced to offer an “In/Out” referendum and following success in this, EU exit.

    Err…… Not quite, although we earnestly DO HOPE that this will happen. But the Editor is NOT putting money on it!

    So, why the optimism. Well, when examining the internal goings on of semi-democratic vassal state such as the UK now is, one must read between the lines, for things are often other than what they appear to be. For example, most of the UN members can be termed semi-democratic states as their democratic credentials are seriously impaired – in different ways. For instance, judgements of courts have to be regarded as being the decision of the particular ruling junta not the product of an impartial and independent judiciary.

    Readers will know that the UK will not be a member of the EU after 2020 for such would require joining the Euro and that is NOT know going to happen – for those resident in England at least. Thus the UK will find itself in the EEA (European Economic Area) whoever (with the notable exception of Nigel Farage) is in 10 Downing Street after Thursday 7th May, 2015.

    Certain developments already indicate that the ruling elite are preparing the populace for this dramatic shift. Indeed, because they are starting now – in 2015 – we can conclude that what some refer to as “Brexit” (British Exit) – may take place considerably earlier than 2020!

    This is because the Germans appear to be set on a course of confrontation with Russia and the City of London (with the fervent support of their Russian Non Doms) WHO are of course the DE-FACTO government of the UK – have decided that the time has come for withdrawal.

    However, they have a problem. This is not just a big problem. It is a VERY big problem. You see, the British People have been fed a constant diet of pro Common Market, pro European Community, pro European Economic Community, pro European Union propaganda since the start of the 1970s.

    One cannot simply just turn around and say: “We were wrong. We will now leave.”


    So….. How is the ruling elite going to handle this?

    Well, we are already seeing it!

    This organ has since 2009 lambasted numerous Europhiles for committing the felony crimes of Perjury (Breaking their Privy Council Oaths) and High Treason (For causing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second to breach Her Coronation Oath).

    So you see, since many of these characters want to continue enjoying their sybaritic lifestyle in the pleasant suburbs of Surrey and do not want to exchange such for the austere comforts of HM Prison Belmarsh they have to come up with something!

    They have!

    Up to this time, this organ has not drawn its readers attention to certain aspects of some – not all – of these traitors behaviour. The time has arrived however that we do so.

    Readers will have noticed that the Metropolitan Police are now investigating the child abuse allegations around such places as Dolphin Square. There are allegations that many senior figures in the establishment were in fact pederasts and abused in the most diabolic manner young boys.

    One of these figures was none other than Edward Heath.

    What we are going to see is a number of high profile prosecutions of these senior figures – now old men. The bringing to light of the sexual offences committed by the late Mr Savile was no coincidence. Neither were the prosecutions of high profile media figures such as Mr Hall.

    Let us face FACTS! Mr Savile, a serial sexual predator, paedophile and pederast COULD NOT have had the complete run of the facilities of the NHS as he did without some form of conivance from senior figures in the establishment.

    Many times the Editor has heard bemused and mystified patriots ask: “How can it be that a whole system of government including the courts, the police and the military be so subsumed by traitorous persons to place the whole system of government under a foreign power?”

    The answer is: Slowly, gently and corruptly.

    The new investigations are all part of a process. They will be used to denigrate these characters. Along with his sexual offences – and possibly violent offences – Heath’s acceptance of enormous bribes from the European Union will be brought to light. Remember that enormous ocean racing yacht?

    Calls for a “New Relationship with Europe will be sung from one hymn-sheet distributed across the Conservative and Labour parties. It is no accident or coincidence that The Right Honourable, The Lord Baker of Dorking, CH PC, is drawing the attention of the British People to the prospects of a Grand Coalition between the Conservative and Labour parties.

    Be under no doubt, they are doing this to protect their own interests. There is going to be an awful lot of faecal matter thrown around in the coming months. Many senior Labour and Conservative figures will be implicated. This is why they might wish to hang together in the next parliament – rather than risk hanging separately.

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