• Jeremy Clarkson: You’re fired…..


    Normally it is Lord Sugar who says, “You’re fired….” Today it was Lord Hall who told Jeremy Clarkson such.

    This organ is as it’s Readers know a strong critic of the BBC. However on this the Editor and this organ passes no criticism at all. Now the facts of the case have been brought into the public domain that the BBC deliberated as long as it did can probably be explained by the fact that “Top Gear” is such a money spinner for them. As we know, the BBC is funded by a de facto poll tax called the TV Licence. It is therefore crucial for them to put on shows that many licence payers like. Worthy productions of Shakespeare’s plays will please Oxbridge arts students and other folk but the BBC must appeal to a wide audience. Top Gear did this.

    However Lord Hall could not reasonably have done anything other than what he has done.

    We all of us however – whether we can walk down a high street without being gawked at and asked for autographs or not – must face the consequences of our actions. Mr Clarkson has faced some of the consequences of his. He might well have to face being interviewed by the police under caution and might face proceedings in the Magistrates Court.

    This is not however the last we will see or hear of Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson. He writes for the Sunday Times and for the Sun. Doubtless we will see him on the TV screens.

    We all know that Mr Clarkson likes motor cars and owns several. Including a W100 Merecedes 600. IF – and this is mere speculation, Mr Clarkson was to face criminal charges and IF he was convicted of such he will discover that insuring the W100 Merc will be made even more expensive as high street insurance companies do not insure those persons with criminal records. Such people have to go to specialist insurers and face a doubling or even tripling of their premiums.

    • I do wonder if the BBC will move JC out of the limelight then re-employ him some months down the line. After all it’s what the political classes have done for many years.

      Tell me again why Prescott wasn’t sacked as DPM for smacking a guy who threw an egg?

      Indeed I do recall that Ed Balls and his wife Yvette Cooper were both claiming for their 2 houses under the old expenses rules, such that we the electorate (tax payer) were buying their houses for them. Aren’t they both in danger of being re-elected to 2 of the most prominent positions in British politics?

      Unfortunately I do believe that both the BBC and the British political class is corrupts and dishonourable or am I reading the evidence wrong?

    • Had this been an unemployed lad he would now be in deep trouble. I cannot understand why anyone would support such behaviour.

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