• Workers of Britain! Listen to the Dear Tory Leader!

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    It seems that the pressure of the campaign has sent Delusional Dave over the edge. Wishing to protect the members of the St George’s Hill Golf Club against excessive Inheritance Tax, he now declares that the Tories are the Party of the working man (and woman).

    Of course, the British People may well take this conversion on the road to Dagenham with more than a little pinch of Galilean salt!

    The British People may well doubtless retort that “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”

    Given that many working families cannot avoid the harsh winters by decamping to Monte Carlo to be with Cameron and his chums – and therefore have to choose between feeding the children or keeping the heat on – due to the ruinously expensive electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels – it might be a good idea if Cameron abandons the Tories participation in the Climate Change Scam and endorses an emergency programme of power station construction with these power stations using gas or coal.

    Don’t hold your breath Dear Reader!

    Note the article’s image: Not a wind turbine in sight!!!!!!!

    • Ruinously expensive energy indeed. My winter bill was so high I divided it into quarters and trickled it to them, over two months, just to be bloody awkward. If we all slowed down payment, they might be less confident. I wholeheartedly agree that they should construct power stations which would run on coal or gas. I am sick and tired of being at the mercy of large, greedy, corporations. Especially E-On, which is German ffs

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