• News from the front line: St Just-in-Penwith.


    St Just-in-Penwith is the nearest town to Land’s End. Last night at Cape Cornwall secondary school UKIP’s candidate Graham Calderwood had something of a baptism of fire when he confronted the audience with some FACTs that they did not want to hear. These FACTS were of course that CO2 is NOT the problem that the Green Party’s candidate a Mr Tim Andrewes says it was.

    Mr Andrews in his address suggested that this election was the last election where there was a chance of electing MPs that were able to do something about climate change for Mr Andrewes cloaked in full scaremongering mantle warned the audience that if nothing was done in the next five years the final tipping points would have been past and the planet would be doomed!

    Upon hearing this and in the hope that this may at last quell Mr Andrewes – who lives nearby your Editor – from continuing with his prattle, your Editor could not resit the temptation to heckle “Oh Good!” from the floor! This to be greeted from the Greens around your Editor with the sort of kindly pitying smile one gives to a severely disabled fellow.

    Your Editor did manage to be given the radio microphone to make a short address but we can report that most this audience was fully convinced that the planet was well on the way to a CO2 induced perdition! And of course that Your Editor was certifiably insane!

    Is Graham Calderwood deterred or disheartened? Not a bit of it! In fact we will be back on the firing line at 7 PM tonight at the “Friends of the Earth Hustings” at Council Chambers, Guildhall, Helston.

    Once more unto the breech!

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