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    Today’s Google doodle is most apposite for today’s article. Imagine that the three aliens are Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

    Let us fact FACTS: The General Election of 2015 has turned out to be one of the Most Extraordinary campaigns in modern British History. It had a particular relevance for your Editor, Dear Reader.

    The last time a Mr Henry Rogers (your Editor is Peter Henry Rogers) was active in a General Election in Cornwall was between 3rd to 19th December, 1910. It was the last British election to be held over several days. The involvement was in the Bodmin division and the candidates were the former Conservative, then Liberal Unionist, Sir Reginald Pole-Carew and the Liberal, Isaac Foot. The passions were RED HOT as the burning issue of the day was Irish Home Rule. For the record Pole-Carew won with 5,021 votes beating Foot (4,980) by the narrowest of margins. Before this between 15th January to 10th February 1910, the Liberal, Cecil Alfred Grenfell beat the Tory Sir Reginald Pole-Carew – again a very very close margin – 5,133 votes to 5,083. Passions were running VERY high. The reason – the House of Lords had voted down the People’s Budget! The atmosphere could best be described as “incendiary” – and my grandfather, John Henry Rogers was in the thick of it!!!! For the Liberals – who were then of course a patriotic party!

    What we are seeing today however is something that would have left Sir Reginald Pole-Carew, Isaac Foot and Cecil Alfred Grenfell dumbfounded and speechless. It would not be the FACTS that the politicians of the United Kingdom have handed over most of the Sovereign Power to a foreign entity (the EU) but the Most Extraordinary events occurring at this present time in Scotland.

    Today, the SNP (Seriously Nasty Party) appears to be sweeping all before it north of the border and is on course for a Historic Result.

    Google’s submarine in the image above can be said to illustrate the political reality that lies behind the rhetoric in the election campaign.

    It is of course the sight of “Nessie” that the People of Scotland are mistakenly focusing upon however as the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour party’s apparatchiks are working furiously unseen and unreported behind the scenes.

    The received wisdom in Scotland is this: The SNP will win 50+ seats, most of them from Labour, the rest from the Lib-Dems. Mr Alex Salmond will lead this cohort through the division lobbies on a case by case basis to make sure a Labour government that is kept in power by the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens delivers on a programme of “anti-austerity” and Trident replacement scrapping.

    Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!, Oh Dear!

    They are so wrong!
    Your Editor will now address TWO SETS OF FACTS that will demonstrate – hopefully beyond peradventure – the folly of this belief.

    Let us first deal with the question of the trifling matter (it must be trifling for Edward the Unfortunate rarely speaks of it) of the UK’s £1.5 Trillion debt shall we?

    When a nation such as the UK owes £1.5 trillion, those many – and there are many – creditors want some concrete assurance that their debtor will continue to make good on servicing their debt.

    In the UK’s case such a concrete assurance comes about by pursuing a deficit reduction strategy roughly in line with that currently being followed by Mr Osborne.

    This DOES NOT MEAN that the Tories planned cuts in public expenditure need come about.

    It would be perfectly possible to pursue the policy advocated by the Labour Party of increased public spending and reduced public spending cuts whilst at the same time pursuing the Tories deficit reduction strategy. Following this course of action would mean one thing: HIGHER TAXES.

    This is of course a possible result after 7th May if the Conservatives and Labour form a Grand Coalition.

    The one thing that is certain after 7th May is this: that whichever pair of unfortunates occupy number 10 and 11 Downing Street will be left in no doubt about the nature of the deficit reduction strategy the UK’s many creditors expect them to pursue.

    Now let us address specifically the fantasy about a Labour Party kept in power by the SNP that having been “Read the Riot Act” by the UK’s international creditors pursues a policy of austerity south of the border but no austerity north of the border. Be under no doubt: this will be Cruel Mistress Sturgeon’s demand to Edward the Truly Unfortunate.

    Anybody who thinks that Labour would have ANY chance of being elected with the same or an increased number of MPs after FIVE YEARS of such a programme is clearly delusional!

    Of course, Cruel Mistress Sturgeon knows this! She also knows that she will be able to make much political hay during the five years of a Grand Coalition. As we know, Cruel Mistress Sturgeon desires nothing less than the breakup of the United Kingdom.

    Now let us address the other issue. Replacement of Trident. Your Editor has to be very careful here as we do not want to be charged with a breach of the Official Secrets Act – under Section 1.

    After much thought, your Editor has decided to address the issue as it now clearly is an issue in this campaign. It is this: Why does the UK operate Trident? The answer is twofold: because the UK is part of NATO and the USA want an participating ally to their nuclear guarantee. This is in fact the key to the Special Relationship. We shall now explain what this Special Relationship is and how it operates:

    NATO operates a policy known as the nuclear guarantee. Basically this is that non nuclear members such as Belgium have the protection of what is known as the US Nuclear Shield. What this means is this: that in the event of a nuclear weapon being dropped on Brussels the USA will retaliate by dropping a nuclear weapon on the nation that dropped the bomb on Brussels.

    Now let us speculate how this would work in practise. Since we are in 2015 and the strategic situation has changed fundamentally since the days of the USSR, we shall invent an imaginary enemy – Country X.

    County X is led by a mad dictator, President Y. Relations between NATO and Country X deteriorate to the extent that a state of war exists between NATO and Country X. President Y orders the launch of a ICBM and Brussels is destroyed. The USA retaliates and launches one of it’s ICBMs and destroys City Z in Country X. Country X retaliates against the USA and launches another ICBM and destroys the City of Des Moines, Iowa.

    Now let us stand back and observe the situation from the viewpoint of a US citizen and voter in Washington State. From their perspective Country X dropped a bomb on a city called Brussels in a country called Belgium which is somewhere in Europe. As a result the USA dropped a bomb on Country X. The result of this is that this person’s cousin in Des Moines, Iowa has been obliterated!

    This is NOT acceptable!

    Therefore, before Des Moines is sacrificed, the US military industrial complex want to see a sacrifice before a city such as Des Moines is sacrificed. This is the reason for the so-called British Independent Nuclear Deterrent.

    Thus in the event of such as Country X dropping the bomb on Brussels the USA would like to see the UK’s nuclear deterrent used before its own as US politicians would far rather that Birmingham, England is obliterated before Birmingham, Alabama.

    So you see, Trident WILL be replaced.

    Should a UK government have the temerity to challenge this the consequences would be dire! The Reader must ask themselves this very simple question: The UK’s debt position is as bad as the Greek in some ways. How can it be that the UK’s credit rating is as HIGH as it is and the debt service costs are as LOW as they are?

    Remember: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Clearly, Cruel Mistress Sturgeon and the rest of the Seriously Nasty Party will not tolerate Trident on Scottish soil. This of course means that Trident will be relocated to Falmouth in Cornwall. By the way – the dredging is already taking place!

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