• Earth Day 2015: Humanity needs an INCREASE in CO2!

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    Today would you believe it Dear Reader is Earth Day! The UN demands that we think about the Planet Earth on this day and consider the damage we are doing to it. Hmm…..

    Doctor Dame Jane Goodall, DBE (above) is a principal advocate of this.

    Dame Jane clearly demonstrates (with a willingness to open herself up to ridicule) her concern for her beloved chimpanzees. In her short address she draws the viewer’s attention to certain concerns:
    - de-forestation and loss of rain forest due to logging and the local populations need for land to grow crops instead of trees.
    - the killing of chimpanzees – known as “bush meat.”

    Dame Jane is right to be concerned at these developments – particularly the “bush meat” for ingestion of Chimpanzee meat has been the root cause of the Ebola virus outbreak that has claimed so many lives.

    As to deforestation and the need for the local people to grow crops the British Gazette makes one observation and some suggestions to Dame Jane and her supporters:

    - the CO2 that is said to be “sequestrated” by the rainforest will continue to be sequestrated by the crops that replace the trees. If the land is used for grazing this will not of course take place to the same extent – the grass will still take in CO2 but not as much.

    - that Dame Jane should join the British Gazette and others to call for an INCREASE by human civilisation in the CO2 it produces. This is of course because more CO2 will help plants grow. We are already seeing the beneficial effects of the present level of CO2 (401.52 ppm). The Sahara is retreating – it was advancing not so long ago. CO2 levels used to be 385 ppm not so long ago. Of course the Green Party and their fellow travellers claim this to be bad thing. The opposite however is the case. An increase from 385 ppm to 401.52 ppm is a GOOD THING and should be celebrated!

    - that Dame Jane should join the British Gazette and others to call for the UK to embark on the construction of at least half a dozen very large coal fired power stations using the latest Ultrasupercritical Technology but NOT the lunatic “Carbon Capture” technology.

    This is because the prodigious amounts of CO2 released would help farmers across the globe to grow more crops. This would REDUCE the pressure to cut down rainforest. It would of course directly help the rainforest as well!

    See: http://www.worldcoal.org/coal-the-environment/coal-use-the-environment/improving-efficiencies/

    Sadly, UK deep mined coal is expensive. However, the British Gazette suggests that the coal should be imported from South Africa. South Africa has large coal reserves and increased production will help the South African economy. Since the collapse of apartheid the new democracy there has struggled to maintain civil progress. South Africa is not perfect, but the governments should be congratulated for achieving what they have achieved to date. The UK – traditionally a big investor – should assist by becoming one of that country’s biggest export customers for it’s coal. The copious CO2 released when it is burnt and NOT pumped under the North Sea would in turn help farmers – including those in South Africa! These power plants would provide the UK with reliable low cost electricity!

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