• Labour’s Last Stand: Gordon of Cairn Gorm.


    Like Major-General Gordon, Labour’s Major General Gordon Brown seems set for glorious defeat at the hands of Scotland’s very own Mad Mahdi, Mullah Sturgeon. Like Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, the Seriously Nasty Party’s forces seem ready to overwhelm and sweep all before them.

    It is clear that the significant battle in this historic 2015 General Election the is battle between Labour and the SNP. Unlike Edward I, (known as “the Hammer of the Scots”), it is Edward the Unfortunate who has been the one that has been hammered by the Scots. Labour however preparing for one last ditch attempt at beating off their attackers. It is in “General” Gordon Brown that Labour has placed it’s last hopes of avoiding a fate similar to Custer – annihilation.

    It is curious is it not that the former leaders of the Tories and Labour have now both been brought into play. Clearly the strategy of selecting one’s leader on the basis of how they are responded to by a focus group invented by the BBC composed of “persons of trans-gender and other representatives of diversity” has not worked.

    This is of course something that UKIP has avoided.

    Since the battle cry below would be considered inappropriate, would it be considered to be in poor taste to wish them all a Happy St. George’s Day?

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