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    Occasionally one comes across a politician who by the sheer power of their oratory and of their commanding presence sweep away all opposition before them and lead their party to a staggering victory.

    Such politicians and such victories are justly referred to as “famous.”

    Last night and today we all bore witness to a remarkable event: the May 2015 General Election.

    A lot of the success can be put down to just ONE PERSON! Ms Nicola Sturgeon!

    Not only did Ms Sturgeon lead the SNP to increase its number of Westminster from SIX to FIFTY SIX but through her aggressive oratory so frightened English voters to vote Conservative in such numbers as to give Mr Cameron a small majority!

    There has been a lot of talk about the polls being wrong and the pundits – including the British Gazette – getting it wrong.

    Your Editor will admit that along with many others – including senior politicians and campaign leaders – was surprised by the BBC exit poll at 10:00PM last light. We were also surprised at the Conservatives being returned 331 seats – as was David Cameron.

    All – including the officials in the Royal Household (who are kept very closely informed) – were taken by surprise – which explained why the Queen was ensconced at Windsor castle and not Buckingham Palace.

    Throughout the day commentators have struggled to offer the public explanations for the discrepancy. Well the former cabinet minister Sir Malcolm Rifkind hit the nail on the head when he stated on the BBC election coverage programme that many people did not vote Tory because they liked or supported them but that they were genuinely concerned at the aggressive statements of Nicola Sturgeon abut the SNP demanding the maximisation of Scotland’s voice in Westminster.

    The facts of the matter were these: had the SNP had forced a Labour government to adopt an “End to Austerity” package – the results for the UK would have been disastrous.

    As this organ was at pains to point out – which it did repeatedly – that even a serious risk of such policies being implemented would have caused a rapid cut in the UK’s Credit Rating and a concomitant rapid increase in the interest rates charged on its debt service costs – that already constitute 8% of government expenditure.

    Had this had happened the results would have been TRULY DISASTROUS!

    This is why your Editor took the decision to concentrate on this aspect of the campaign – at the cost of not covering UKIP’s campaign more generally. Because we felt that it was far more important to concentrate on trying to make people aware of the nature of the danger – to the UK economy – that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP represented.

    This concentration on Nicola Sturgeon and her possible influence of Edward the Unfortunate however did exact a cost. This organ did not come out and campaign for UKIP in quite the way many of its readers wanted. It is therefore with much regret your Editor reports that Nigel Farage failed to get elected to Parliament. The presence of Mr Farage would have been a great asset not only to UKIP but to Parliament. Confirmation of this is evidenced by the enormous amount of effort the Tories put in to stop him from being elected.

    Insofar as the results in the St Ives and the Isles of Scilly are concerned we can report the results as follows:

    Conservative: Derek Thomas: 18,491 votes – 38.3% share of the total vote
    Liberal Democrat: Andrew George: 16,022 votes – 33.2% share of the total vote
    UKIP: Graham Calderwood: 5,720 votes – 11.8% share of the total vote
    Labour: Cornelius Olivier: 4,510 votes – 9.3% share of the total vote
    Green: Tim Andrewes: 3,051 votes – 6.3% share of the total vote
    Mebyon Kernow: Rob Simmons: 518 votes – 1.1% share of the total vote

    Coming third was a respectable result for Graham and we congratulate him and all those worthy folk – including Branch Chairman Stuart Guppy – who put in so much time and effort to campaign with him for the result he got.

    Well Done!

    • Thanks for your comments.
      We must get a petition and also get a debate in parliament to debate with a view to getting proportional representation.
      Will keep informed.
      Graham Calderwood

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