• Natalie Bennett: Stay calm and wait for the result.

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    This will be one of the few occasions where the Editor agrees with the leader of the Green Party.

    The BBC exit poll has caused much discussion and speculation.

    The poll that really matters has taken place. Let us see what the morning will bring.

    Good Night.

    • My sitting Conservative MP has lost to the previous ‘expenses cheating, house flipping’ Labour MP.
      Despit having my moving date, I am saddened that a decent self-made man, hard working & a eurosceptic has lost to someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to stand again.
      It was half expected and for many of us dreaded because Bliar’s actions on immigration ensured this constituancy has become a Labour ‘client state’ and ensured my colour and race are an ethnic minority in the place of my birth.

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