• RMS Titanic: Still on course for disaster. The Captain and crew have been changed but the ship is still on course to strike the iceberg.


    As of now, many members of the Labour, Liberal Democrat parties and of course UKIP are feeling rather down. Not surprising. They were all hoping for a different result. But they should remember that every cloud has a silver lining and also the old saying, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

    This is because the news has come through that Cameron has appointed Miss Amber Rudd the Member for Hastings and Rye to the post of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (replacing Ed “Delusional” Davy) instead of following this organ’s advice to appoint Owen Paterson.

    This demonstrates that this government are not going to change course on the CO2 delusion.

    Herewith a link to a report of this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2015-32683868
    That Miss Rudd is a member of this collective delusion can be seen by following this link: http://www.businessgreen.com/bg/interview/2371516/amber-rudd-im-a-thatcherite-when-it-comes-to-climate-change
    Whilst Miss Rudd’s actions in office will have NO effect on the climate they WILL of course have a severe effect on the British Economy.

    When the history of this government is written, historians are likely to conclude that Miss Rudd’s appointment will be the starting point of the series of events that will prove to be the Death Warrant of this government and possibly the Conservative Party.

    Be in no doubt, Miss Rudd’s pursuance of an energy policy for the UK based on wind turbines, domestic photovoltaic panels and a few nuclear power stations will have one inevitable consequence: the UK economy will soon be unable to support much in the way of an energy intensive manufacturing industry.

    It appears Miss Rudd has had experience in business. There is a simple commercial fact of life that Miss Rudd should be aware of: Firms like Rolls Royce (the aircraft engine maker) require a supply of electricity that is A: competitive (by international standards) and B: reliable. If they cannot get this in the UK they will move elsewhere.

    There are articles written in various newspapers and journals commenting upon the likelihood or not of the Tories pressing the self destruct button on the question of Europe in this new Parliament. This is unlikely for the following reasons:

    1. Turkey’s – even Tory ones – do not vote for Christmas.

    2. Cameron will get a reasonably substantial concession from the EU – although NOT on the fundamental question of free movement of people – that will cause him to be able to lance the European boil so far as his back benchers are concerned.

    Therefore Europe is unlikely to prove to be the downfall of this government. It’s downfall will be the economic problems caused by electricity that is A: too expensive and B: unreliable.

    The Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party will of course be able to exploit the Tories difficulties with glee.
    This is because these politicians will of course blame all those – OTHER THAN THEMSELVES – who advocated the idea that CO2 was a problem and the way to generate electricity was wind turbines using tax payers money as a subsidy.

    The consequences for those actively involved in promoting this nonsense are as equally predictable as the consequences for the UK economy. They will be subject to a process which will start with a public enquiry (of one form or another). This will then conclude that there has been fraud. A criminal enquiry will then begin and will conclude with arrests, prosecutions, convictions and imprisonment for those involved.

    Remember, there were people like Stuart Hall who sexually abused young people in the 1970s. Mr Hall thought this was ancient history. But his past caught up with him and he is now spending his some of his remaining years in prison.

    Clearly, those politicians in the Labour and Liberal Democrats (including Ed Davey) will turn on those currently advocating such lunatic policies as the “de-carbonisation of Britain” and will be the champions of doing sensible things like building large coal fired power stations to generate cheap electricity in large quantities and to release CO2 in equally as large quantities to help plants grow.

    British Gazette readers will doubtless conclude that there will be a delicious irony here if the investigations or the collapse take place around August 2021 for that will be 300 years to the collapse of the South Sea Company in 1721.

    The scandal of the South Sea Company is particularly relevant to the current scandal for let us remember that the South Sea Company was allowed by the Treaty of Utrecht signed at the conclusion of the War of the Spanish Succession, a thirty-year asiento or contract, to furnish (supply) 4,800 slaves and 500 tons of goods per year to the Spanish colonies.

    What happened of course was that the projected profits from 4,800 slaves and 500 tons of goods per year were exaggerated to a lunatic degree. So much so that in August 1721 shares in the South Sea Company were selling for £1,000 at one point! Yes! £1,000 in 1721! This was a level of exaggeration that even exceeded Miss Rudd’s belief in wind turbines as suppliers of competitively priced and reliable electricity!

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