• Why the U.K. MUST leave the EU – NOW!!!!!!


    Above the Motherland Monument in Kiev.

    Last night the journalists on the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat were commenting on the possibility that Cameron may want to have an early referendum on the question of EU membership in order to “get it out of the way.” The journalists were of the opinion that Cameron’s motives were to gain more control of his MPs rather than any perceived wider common national interest.

    They may well be right.

    Clearly, a quick process (negotiations – referendum) will inevitably mean that the EU will be able to provide Cameron with little-more than a fig leaf to cover is metaphorical nakedness. This would tend to indicate that Nigel Farage is correct in his belief that Cameron does not want to leave the EU and is seeking for some form of concession that will be a sugared pill to make the pain of vassal state status and that he his fellow UKIP MEPs and Douglas Carswell MP should try their best to hold Cameron’s “feet to the fire” so to speak.

    Nigel Farage is also making the assumption that the In/Out campaign will be fought on economic matters, essentially that the UK will be “Better Off Out” and not “Better Off In.”

    He is not wrong.

    The problem is that if UKIP and others are forced onto this particular battleground we will LOOSE. This is because the British Electorate have been famous for voting with their pockets and not their heads or their hearts.

    During the campaign they will be presented with directly contradictory arguments. One side will tell them that economic disaster awaits the UK should it leave the EU. The other side will say that this is not the case and in fact the UK will be better off.

    Those supporting the “In” campaign will include many foreign academics and businessmen. NB: Possession of a foreign accent and a high position in academia or business will mean that the average voter will believe these folk whereas they treat whatever British politicians say with a great deal of suspicion.

    The sad fact will be that on polling day many voters will report to exit pollsters that they would like to have voted to leave but felt that they could not take the risk.

    What the “Out” campaign must realise – NOW – that the ONLY way we can win this campaign is to fight on the ground of our choosing and not the ground of the Europhiles choosing.

    The British Gazette is firmly of the opinion that the ground of our choosing MUST be the area of Foreign Policy and Defence.


    Well, just read the relevant sections of the Lisbon Treaty:

    The Treaty of Lisbon states, (point 27), “The Union’s competence in matters of common foreign and security policy shall cover all areas of foreign policy and all questions relating to the Union’s security, including the progressive framing of a common defence policy that might lead to a common defence.

    Member states are committed to solidarity. Article 11, paragraph 2 of the Treaty on European Union (not changed by point 27 of the Treaty of Lisbon) states: “The Member States shall support the Union’s external and security policy actively and unreservedly in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity. The Member States shall work together to enhance and develop their mutual political solidarity. They shall refrain from any action which is contrary to the interests of the Union or likely to impair its effectiveness as a cohesive force in international relations. The Council shall ensure that these principles are complied with.”

    Question to UK Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary Mr Hammond: “What part of the phrase “vassal state” do you NOT understand?”

    Of course there will be those Eurorealists who will venture to suggest that constitutional and arguments over foreign affairs may interest voters and indeed exercise those voters who are politically active, but the great majority of voters will confine their decision to how it is likely to affect them in their job, repaying their mortgage &C.

    However, if the THREAT is REAL and PRESENT, the average British voter will indeed take proper cognisance of it.

    Well here is a threat: War with Russia!

    The average British voter will recoil in horror at the thought of this country being dragged into a confrontation with Russia that could turn into a war.

    This is a horror that will be shared through ALL sections of what is now a very diverse society. From the “well to do” white upper middle class banker living in Weybridge to the out of work black lad with few qualifications in Brixton. Both will not want war with Russia. Particularly our black friend in Brixton who would strongly suspect (correctly) he would find himself drafted into the army long before the banker is affected!

    The FACTS of the matter are these: The EU and NATO’s present policy of supporting the government in Ukraine and taking action against Russia IS VERY DANGEROUS and PROVOCATIVE!

    There are two articles the Reader needs to take cognisance of:


    It is difficult to overstate the nature and impact of what Russians call the Great Patriotic War. Put it this way: All will know and appreciate the gigantic impact the Holocaust has had on the Jewish People and the nation of Israel. Well the impact of Hitler’s war against Russia may not be equal to this but it is not very far off.

    Understand this: ANY attempt to interfere with the Motherland Monument by the Ukraine will have a SERIOUS impact upon the Russian People. It is difficult to overstate this.

    It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that the UK withdraws from the EU at the earliest opportunity and set about establishing its OWN Foreign and Defence Policy.

    This MUST include ceasing to support the EU’s (and NATO’s) support of Ukraine.

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