• Ruddy Ridiculous!

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    Above, the character “Private Charles Godfrey” played by the late Arnold Ridley.

    Today is the 109th birthday of the Editor’s father. He is no longer with us. Had been around there would have been Labour supporters at Lidgett Park Methodist church in Leeds who would have told him – in the kindest and most gentle of ways – that his son’s statement that follows is completely ridiculous:

    UKIP has the potential of winning a General Election under the First Past the Post electoral system.

    There! The statement has been published!

    Now such as Cornelius Olivier, Labour’s candidate in the St. Ives and Isles of Scilly constituency can declare that your Editor, Dear Reader has gone completely mad!

    British Gazette readers will doubtless have noted their Editor appearing to shift his position on the issue of proportional representation. Be in no doubt, we STILL think that proportional representation is the fairest way to elect a Parliament and a government – in “normal circumstances”. The British Gazette “agrees with Nick” [Clegg] that the “best” form of PR for the House of Commons is the Single Transferable Vote – with seven member constituencies – possibly based on the original 81 European constituency boundaries making a total of 567 MPs.

    Today however, the position we find ourselves in can hardly be described as “normal circumstances!”

    Forgetting for a moment the “trifling issue” of the country having over three quarters of its laws imposed on it by a foreign power, it appears that the coterie of incompetent nonentities that constitute the House of Commons – with of course the singular exception of the Honourable Member for Clacton – are quite capable of wrecking the country with the residue of powers the European Union still allows them!

    There are three particular areas of concern:
    1. The electrical generating capacity.
    2. The sovereign debt.
    3. Immigration.

    In order to form a majority government – winning over 326 seats – UKIP MUST concentrate it’s campaign on those three issues spending the bulk of the emphasis on issue number one.

    UKIP will have help. From an unusual source – it’s opponents!

    This is where the picture of Pte. Godfrey from “Dad’s Army” comes in.

    Those readers who enjoyed “Dad’s Army” may recall that Captain Mainwaring would sometimes declare that his men were trained in Jujitsu [not Judo], the humour being of course in picturing Pte. Godfrey throwing an invading German solider to the ground.

    Central to the strategy of securing a UKIP majority government MUST be ensuring that UKIP is ridiculed and laughed at. This has in fact already occurred during the recent election campaign when your Editor declared at a hustings in Penzance that what the UK needed was a dozen new coal fired power stations that would import coal from South Africa and generate huge quantiles of low cost reliable electricity and CO2.

    Your Editor then went onto state that both [electricity and CO2] were needed and that what the world required was more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less. To help crops grow.

    This remark was greeted with derision from the audience and the panel.

    Cornelius Olivier, Labour’s candidate struggled to control his glee at this and proceeded to declare UKIP as being eccentric and bizarre!

    Your Editor did this quite deliberately. It was to invite ridicule and derision.

    This Dear Reader is the strategy UKIP should adopt. It should repeat whenever the opportunity presents itself your Editor’s statement. This will of course invite the other parties to deride and ridicule UKIP.

    The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation will of course enthusiastically join in!

    They [the Conservatives, Labour and Lib-Dems] will state quite categorically that UKIP is no longer a serious, sensible party. The term gadfly will be resurrected.

    This is precisely what UKIP’s intention should be.

    In Jujitsu one uses the strength of one’s opponent to your advantage. This is what UKIP must do.

    In ridiculing UKIP, the opposition will see to it that every voter knows what UKIP’s policy is:

    Increase CO2 by burning “dirty” coal to generate electricity rather than rely on “clean” technology.

    This is vital for when the power cuts come – and come they will – the matter of the UK’s sovereign debt will come into play. NB: We refer to the national debt, not the deficit.

    What will happen is this:

    When it is clear that the UK cannot guarantee the delivery of competitively priced, reliable electricity supplies, foreign and home based investors will no longer regard the UK as a location for anything other than small or medium sized enterprises (SME).

    To demonstrate how serious this is, consider the following hypothetical situation, which sadly form many is not hypothetical but all too real:

    A working man takes out a mortgage to purchase a house. He gets the largest mortgage he can. After six months, disaster strikes: his firm closed down and he is made redundant. That mortgage still needs to be repaid.

    This will be the case with the UK. The interest sovereign debt will still need to be repaid. To give you Dear Reader some idea of the monumental difficulties ahead for this benighted country, you can visit: http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/

    Warning: If you suffer from a nervous disposition or have high blood pressure, it may be advisable NOT to follow the above link.

    You see, the coterie of incompetent nonentities that constitute the House of Commons – with of course the singular exception of the Honourable Member for Clacton – are following an energy policy that can only have one outcome: DISASTER. Like the train on the track, heading towards a railway bridge over a gorge which is no longer there [the bridge not the gorge] – they have to stop the train. They are not. Indeed, the present minister, Amber “Ridiculous” Rudd is intent on stepping on the accelerator!

    Therefore it is absolutely essential that UKIP stop – and stop NOW – complaining about the unfairness of the FPP system.

    What UKIP should do is to look at what has happened north of the border. The SNP went from 6 Westminster seats to 56.

    The first opportunity for UKIP to start on the path towards forming a majority government will be the 2016 EU referendum.

    You will have noticed Dear Reader that the British Gazette has stated “2016.” This is clearly the intention of the UK government and EU Commission. It is already clear what will happen:

    George Osborne will negotiate with the Germans – remember, “He who pays the Piper calls the tune” – and a series of concessions will be offered to the UK. These will be deliverable as the Germans will start twisting numerous arms of numerous other member states.

    The “Yes” campaign will be a collection of the following party leaders:
    David Cameron (Conservative)
    ? (Labour)
    ? (Liberal Democrat)
    Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)
    Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru)
    Natalie Bennett (Green)

    Leading the “No” campaign will be:
    Nigel Farage (UKIP)

    And now for something UKIP members do NOT want to read.

    The “No” campaign will LOOSE.

    It will loose because the campaign will be unremittingly negative with veiled threats aplenty from all manner of “business leaders “ about future investment in the UK. In addition, Nigel Farage is the very essence of a “Marmite politician” – either loathed or loved. Many voters unhappy about the EU will not vote “No” because of Nigel Farage.

    This is why it is so important to have every voter informed (by UKIP’s opponents) of UKIP’s “ridiculous” policy of wanting more not less CO2 in the atmosphere and generating electricity by burning “dirty” coal.

    After the 2016 campaign many voters will have voted for Brexit. There is a distinct possibility that the train will have reached the gorge by May 2020 and Amber “Ridiculous” Rudd will be staring in terrified horror through the locomotive’s windscreen that the bridge over the gorge is no more and that she is about to make the acquaintance of her creator!

    UKIP must at that time be ready for when faced with such a disaster (a collapsing economy) brought about by the obvious cause (green energy) the voters – across all constituencies – will turn in huge numbers to the one political party that stated a steadfast message through thick and thin – UKIP.

    This is why retaining FPP is SO important. With PR UKIP would need over 50% of the votes. With FPP and 40% UKIP will have a majority government. More than 40% would be better as it would be more helpful to have a majority of landslide proportions.

    UNLESS>>>>>>>>>>>> See tomorrow’ exciting instalment…….

    • My hunch is as that whilst the prediction here that the train crashes into the gorge is quite realistic, just before that happens, Brussels will proudly trumpet very loudly through every media outlet possible that it is coming to our rescue by sending unlimited electricity thro’ the channel cables, generated by the ( nuclear) power stations in France Germany and possibly elsewhere.

      The implication being that the UK cannot possibly exist on its own and has got to stay in the EU.

      Why else is it holding up the construction of Hinkley Point ? Can’t let those Brits do anything for themselves, can we. ? Dear oh dear, certainly not ! That will mess up the EU’s cunning plan./

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