• What are we not seeing?


    Good Day, Dear Reader. Please look out of your window. Do you see anything resembling the bull elephant above? No? Well, it is there. It must be in hiding!

    Yesterday’s article suggested a way forward for UKIP. It was based on the following FACT:

    The brouhaha around CO2 is a scam.

    The strategy is a GAMBLE as the benefits will ONLY occur when the scam is rumbled. Furthermore, these benefits will be in proportion to the degree of misery and disruption caused. If the power cuts are significant the negative results will be significant. If however the power cuts are minor being of short duration for a limited period of time in a small area then the negative results will be insignificant.

    This WILL NOT mean that the scam’s effects cannot be capitalised on.

    The problem we “climate change deniers” have had has been finding the elephant in the room. After all, we KNOW it is there. We also know that elephants are big creatures and should therefore be rather easy to spot! It is not as if we are searching for an Etruscan shrew!

    Enough of metaphors: what we are looking for is the electrical generating capacity.

    Where is it?

    We know that wind turbines and roof top solar panels CANNOT provide the electricity in affordable and reliable quantities. We know that the rate at which existing generating capacity is being lost is not been met by new capacity coming on line.

    So again, where is the capacity going to come from?

    Well it appears that there may be an answer to this question.

    That answer is this: IN HOUSE GENERATING CAPACITY (IHGC).

    It appears the system may work like this:

    A company has a factory manufacturing cars. It knows its requirement for electricity. Say 25 MW. They purchase a generating set from Rolls Royce. This is no ordinary diesel generator: It is a variant of the Trent turbofan that powers such aircraft as Boeing airliners. The Trent can be ship based to provide electrical power for the electric traction motors for ships or on land, electricity for civilian uses. Such as making cars.

    OK then, the company makes cars and generates its own electricity – either using such as a Trent gas turbine of a smaller (but still very big) diesel generator. What else? This is where the elephant is hiding! The company acquires electrical generating capacity IN EXCESS of what it needs. It then sells the excess to power companies through the National Grid.


    These are the economics:

    Manufacturing industry can make PROFITS in two ways:
    1. By making the goods they make.
    2. By selling the electricity they do not use.

    The electricity they sell through the National Grid is HIGHLY PROFITABLE for them. This is because the electricity prices the public – including their employees – are high. The firms can then use these profit to offset the costs of locating the manufacturing plant in a high wage country like the UK and not a low wage country like Bulgaria.

    What may well be happening is that the public through their high electricity prices are SUBSIDISING manufacturing industry in the UK.

    This may well be the reason why such as Amber Rudd are not that worried about the prospects of power cuts!

    This may well be the reason why such as Amber Rudd are pursuing the construction of power stations such as Hinckley Point at a leisurely pace.

    Now of course, Amber Rudd is a Tory and one expects such from a Tory. But her predecessor was Ed Davey. A Liberal Democrat. One expects a high standard from such as he. Ah, then we have the case of Edward the Unfortunate. The author of the Climate Change Act!

    Ah, you hear a strange rumbling sound coming from Cumnock New Cemetery in Ayrshire, do you Dear Reader?

    It is probably the bones of the late Keir Hardie spinning in their grave.

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