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    Above, beautiful Dunluce Castle in County Antrim.

    One of the things the British political establishment likes to do from time to time is “pilot” legislation, policies, regulations and schemes in outlying parts of it’s territory. If all our Scottish readers will forgive your Editor, the most glaring example was what the Tories called “the Community Charge” – everybody else of course called it the Poll Tax!”

    This was Margaret Thatcher’s biggest mistake. A mistake she compounded by introducing it to Scotland before England – when the Tories had no majority in Scotland!

    One of the things the British establishment want to do is to make the paying for sex a criminal offence. Their excuse is that it is to protect women against exploitation and violence. The real reason is that they find the practise morally objectionable and want to make criminals of the men who indulge in this.

    As a result they distort data about such illegal activities as human trafficking and violence and/or sexual assaults against women to back up their arguments which are based on this prejudicial attitude.

    Thus it is that the deeply religious politicians of Northern Ireland are seeking to make paying for se illegal in the province.

    The British Gazette can make TWO predictions with confidence:
    1. The sun will shine tomorrow.
    2. The establishment will after a suitable period of time point to a dramatic drop in prostituion in Northern Ireland, claim that this demonstrates how successful the new law will be and use this as the basis to justify it implementation across England & Wales. Scotland will no doubt follow enthusiastically!

    The dramatic drop will of course the the result of such customers travelling to the Irish Republic or mainland Britain or most likely Germany where prostitution is legal and regulated.

    As such the British Gazette fully supports the efforts of a certain Laura Lee, an Irish law graduate and escort, starts legal action to change legislation she argues will place workers in danger.
    GOTO: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/may/27/sex-worker-laura-lee-challenges-law-criminalises-clients-northern-ireland

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