• That EU referendum: kicked down the road.

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    For the relevance of the above image. Read on:

    The Tory rebels have scored a minor but very important victory in forcing Cameron to postpone the EU referendum.

    The further down the road this particular ball is kicked the better the chances are for a result that restore lawful sovereign government to this formerly sovereign land.

    However the situation vis-à-vis the UK’s membership of the EU is more opaque and more complex that at first it appears. Much of this is due to the REAL REASONS the UK is an EU member and not the bullshit given out on the state propaganda machine, the aptly named, Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation!

    You will of course Dear Reader not need your Editor to inform you that the EU is a political self aggrandisement club for the European political elite. All the waffle about it’s the economy is just that, waffle.

    The most important and operative word here is CLUB.

    The UK’s Europhile politicians keep this country subservient to the EU because they like it. They like being part of this big political club. Imagine for a moment that you are a member of a club. Let us call it the Restoration Society. Let us imagine that this was a society set up on Sunday 29th May 1960 to celebrate the tercentenary of the original Oak Apple Day.

    NB: In 1660, Parliament declared the 29th May a public holiday: “Parliament had ordered the 29 of May, the King’s birthday, to be for ever kept as a day of thanksgiving for our redemption from tyranny and the King’s return to his Government, he entering London that day.” This public holiday was abolished in 1859.

    Let us further imagine that in 1962 a wealthy individual left the society a hefty legacy and as a result the society was well funded. Let us further imagine that the committee met in London once a month and after 1962 was able to pay travelling expenses to the twenty eight committee members. The society was also able to pay for a dinner in the award winning restaurant of the hotel in London’s West End where the conference room the society used was. Now imagine a certain lady, full name Miss Edwina Miller. Miss Miller is a committee member and looks forward to her monthly trip down to London. She travels 1st class to and from London King’s Cross from Doncaster. She gets a taxi to and from the station. All this charged to expenses. Then there’s that nice slap up lunch. This and pleasant company too.

    Now let us imagine that at the annual general meeting a quarter of the committee come up for election/re-election. At last year’s AGM the seven committee members standing for re-election were defeated and seven new committee members were elected. These committee members were not very nice – in Miss Miller’s opinion. At this years AGM another seven long standing committee members were defeated and seven new members were elected. These too were not very nice – in Miss Miller’s opinion. The half of the committee Miss Miller thought were “not very nice” suggested that the committee should stop paying for a room in a hotel and use a local pub. They also suggested that food should be bought by the member and not by the society and that travelling expenses should not be paid. They suggested that the committee existed to serve the membership and not the other way around.

    Faced with such unpleasant men and forced to pay for her own rail ticket and lunch, Miss Miller was no longer interested in being on the committee.

    By now Dear Reader you will have sussed what your Editor is driving at. The huge numbers of migrants arriving in the EU are causing and are going to cause huge political problems. The French and German public are getting very irritated with the numbers coming into their nations. The Germany and Italy are calling for other member states to take their fair share. This means that Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic states will have to take some of these people. These are countries whose populations are not used to seeing black faces and women wearing the burka.

    What is very likely to happen is that we are going to see many more politicians elected from “far right” parties. It could very well be the case that before too long several of the EU member states will have governments composed of or partly composed of far right politicians.

    When this happens, you will see the UK’s politicians have Damascene conversions on the question of the UK’s place in the EU. Like Miss Edwina Miller of the Restoration Society, they will view the other committee members as not very nice and will not want to be associated with them.

    • Am I missing something? Once any EU state has accepted its quota those migrants become citizens of that country. At which point under the freedom of movement rules, they become free to travel to any country within the EU i.e. Great Britain.

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