• Expanding London’s airports.


    Above is the Airbus A380 (click on image to expand). It looks big! It is big! This is what is known as a very big aeroplane. It is 238 ft 7 in long, has a 261 ft 8 in wingspan and weighs 580 tons! It is enough to give an onlooking crow a heart attack!

    The Airports Commission, chaired by the economist Sir Howard Davies has recommended a third runway at Heathrow airport. There are proposals for a second runway at Gatwick and a dramatic expansion of Stansted into a four runway hub airport. Then of course there is Boris Island.

    Predictably there are huge campaigns opposed to all of these options. This explains why Heathrow is operating at maximum capacity as the politicians have been unwilling to make unpopular decisions.

    We have seen Harriet Harman taunt Cameron in the Commons as she knows that Labour seats are not at risk around Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted.

    Cameron has said he will make a decision by the end of the year. He needs this time not to read the report but to agree a way forward with his cabinet colleagues!

    This organ has a lot of time for Sir Howard Davies. Whilst we do not see eye to eye on various issues, Sir Howard is a competent and knowledgeable man. He and his colleagues have put in hours of diligent work producing the report they have published.
    Unfortunately it has all been a complete waste of time!
    This is because Cameron is not going to base his decision on the report but on a purely political calculation. This is because whilst the impact on those residents living around the airports will be delayed, the impact in terms of lost votes for Cameron and his MPs will be immediate!

    Cameron will have been told one thing: the UK needs to increase its aircraft handling capacity ASAP or face loosing international trade to its European competitors. Cameron will therefore be asking this question:

    Which of the choices are going to loose us the fewest votes?

    The answer is Boris Island. This is also the most expensive solution. Of course, Boris Island will be unpopular to those living around the proposed site but these unfortunate folk vote in fewer numbers for the Tory candidates than do the residents around Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

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