• Should we take a leaf out of Robert Mugabe’s book?


    The idea that the UK should adopt in any way any policy of Butcher “Bob” tyrant of Zimbabwe will strike horror into the hearts of British Gazette readers.

    Has your Editor taken leave of his senses you ask!

    Not quite! We don’t mean it literally – only figuratively.

    When Mr Mugabe came to power he had already in place a whole gamut of restrictive anti terror legislation on the statue book that the former government had put in place to counter the terrorists being controlled by him! He promptly used this draconian legislation against his peaceful and law abiding opponents!

    Mr Mugabe is a tyrant but he does not lack an education. In fact he is probably one of the most highly qualified heads of state in the world today! Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Fort Hare in 1951, Mugabe subsequently earned six further degrees through distance learning including a Bachelor of Administration and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Science, and Master of Laws, all from the University of London External Programme. The two Law degrees were earned while he was in prison, the Master of Science degree earned during his premiership of Zimbabwe.

    At the moment, the idea of a majority UKIP government seems as absurd and as laughable a prospect as Mr Mugabe being asked to become the Patron of Amnesty International! However, if the mainstream political parties keep pursing the lunatic policy of “Greening the UK economy” disaster is inevitable. The one thing that could PREVENT a UKIP victory is the introduction of Proportional Representation to replace the discredited First Past the Post system.

    Here is the greatest of ironies: Many UKIP supporters understandably disappointed at the results handed to them at the May 2015 General Election are campaigning for PR.

    The British Gazette – whose Editor has (along with Tim Farron, the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats) admired the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system for a very long time – would urge all UKIP members and supporters to cease campaigning for PR immediately.

    FACT 1: The only way that UKIP could form a strong government is to win a landslide majority.

    FACT 2: If UKIP want to have ANY CHANCE of governing SUCCESSFULY it can ONLY be done with a towering majority.

    FACT 3: FPP is the ONLY system that can deliver this.

    FACT 4: Unless UKIP is able to successfully implement it’s programme there is NO POINT in being in OFFICE but not in POWER.

    FACT 5: UKIP’s biggest threat is that the Europhile traitors will see the UKIP train coming down the tracks and put PR in place to save themselves: a Con-Lab-Lib coalition.

    Along with keeping the FPP, UKIP should consider what to do with the BBC.

    Abolition of the Licence Fee – a regressive poll tax – and privatisation of the BBC are the oft mentioned solutions heard at UKIP meetings.

    The British Gazette suggests otherwise. Remember UKIP will ONLY be in a position to decide on the BBC’s future AFTER the great Glow Bull Warning Scam has been rumbled.

    At that point many of the “Green Investments” held by the BBC’s staff pension fund will be only worth the paper they are written on!

    The BBC presenters and managers – who are nearly all arts graduates and have LITTLE understanding of science – are going to be very unhappy and pension-less bunnies!

    UKIP will be able to use this righteous anger to enable the UK to put in place what it will so urgently need: a RELIABLE and LOW COST system of base load electrical power generation. This means COAL.

    This means UKIP will need to address the question of the Licence Fee.

    There is no doubt that the Licence Fee is a regressive poll tax. Social justice DEMANDS it’s replacement.

    The British Gazette suggests that the Licence Fee be applied as a surcharge to the Council Tax.

    This would have the following advantages:
    - It would enable the grand order of the boot to be given to Capita, the outsourcing giant that currently collects this regressive tax.
    - It would reduce collection costs enormously as the local councils would collect and pass the money on in bulk to the BBC.
    - It would enable a progressive element to be inserted. The Licence Fee (the Black and White TV fee needs to be abolished as it is now completely outdated) should reflect the weighting applied at present to the Council Tax bands. The 25% reduction for single occupancy should also be applied to the Licence Fee. The table blow illustrates:

    Band ~ Ratio ~ Ratio as % ~ Average Fee (multiple occupancy) ~ Fee (single occupancy)
    A ~ 6/9 ~ 67% ~ £845 ~ £97.46 ~ £73.10
    B ~ 7/9 ~ 78% ~ £986 ~ £113.49 ~ £85.12
    C ~ 8/9 ~ 89% ~ £1,127 ~ £128.50 ~ £96.38
    D ~ 9/9 ~ 100% ~ £1,268 ~ £145.50 ~ £109.13
    E ~ 11/9 ~ 122% ~ £1,550 ~ £177.51 ~ £133.13
    F ~ 13/9 ~ 144% ~ £1,832 ~ £209.52 ~ £157.14
    G ~ 15/9 ~ 167% ~ £2,113 ~ £242.99 ~ £182.24
    H ~ 18/9 ~ 200% ~ £2,536 ~ £291.00 ~ £216.25

    The Free Licence to the Over 75s should be replaced with a Free Licence to all who qualify on account of a very low income. It should be means tested.

    Declaration of Interest: Under this proposal, the Editor’s Licence Fee would drop from £145.50 to £85.12!
    So, why would it be a good idea to keep the BBC?

    The British Gazette’s answer is this:

    If the USA did not have English as its language but another – Spanish for example – there would NOT be a problem in getting rid of the BBC and replacing it with a commercial alternative. However the dominance of American English and the culture of the USA would ensure that without the BBC popular British culture would be that of the USA.

    This to the British Gazette is unacceptable.

    British Culture should be the preserve of the British People. They are it’s custodians. It is they who should enshrine and develop it. Remember, part of culture is immortal – it transcends death. But culture also changes as it is born and dies with every generation.

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