• The Glorious Twelfth: But for whom?

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    The Glorious Twelfth: But for whom?

    Above, a dinghy full of migrants sails under a rising sun a few miles off the coast of Kos.

    Today is the start of the season for shooting game birds. Many birds will die today and will not be around to see the dawn tomorrow.

    The scenes of chaos in Kos shown on the TV newscasts yesterday evening showing desperate people are struggling for forms to enable them to leave the island, could were it not for the 21st clothing and such present day accoutrements as mobile phones could be biblical.

    Indeed, the very geography of the scene is biblical: Kos off the coast of Turkey and the migrants travelling form Syria across the sunny blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

    This human catastrophe would pose a huge challenge for Greece even if her economy was booming with full employment and factories working overtime to fulfill huge export demand. Even if her public finances in good order and indeed with a healthy surplus and a zero sovereign debt.

    But Greece is not in such a healthy condition. Her economy and finances are bust. She can’t cope with her own problems let alone the problems of the whole population of Syria (apart from those who wish to live under the tyrannical rule of IS) which appears to have embarked upon a mass emigration to Europe.

    It has been announced that the EU has reached an agreement on a Greek bailout. The question has been asked: Will Frau Merkel agree to the terms?

    Answer: of course she will! For her to do otherwise every creature living in Europe – including all cats, dogs and pet rabbits – knows what the consequences of not agreeing will be: The fall of this government and a new Greek election. Were such to occur a likely victor would be Golden Dawn.

    Two Questions:
    1. Are we witnessing the death of democracy in Greece?
    2. Are we witnessing the rise of what many refer to as “Neo-Nazism” in Europe?

    • Are we witnessing the death of democracy in Greece ?

      Of course we are.

      Greece is now under the total control of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

      They have been shaping it that way for a couple of years, or more.

      The ultimate goal that the E U has set its eyes on is the total control of every country in the continent of Europe.

      The stumbling block is the awkward squad A K A many of us British, many French citizens, more and more German ones, and so on.

      We’ll get there in the end.

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