• Germany’s latest import: Syria.


    Herr Sigmar Gabriel, Vice Chancellor of Germany stated that the EU plan to relocate 160,000 refugees around Europe is a good “first step” but that the numbers show clearly more is needed.

    Herr Gabriel reported that Germany had registered some 450,000 migrants this year, including 105,000 in August and already 37,000 in the first week of September.

    Herr Gabriel went on: “That shows that the redistribution of 160,000 refugees in Europe is a first step, if one is to be friendly about it, one could also say a drop in the ocean that won’t solve everything.”

    British Gazette comment: “One could, couldn’t one.”

    Let us be absolutely CLEAR. What we are seeing before our eyes is an event of biblical proportions. To call this a mass migration is quite frankly to understate this phenomenon.

    The term “mass migration” can be applied to the result of the Russian pogroms of her Jewish population in the nineteenth century.

    However, what we are seeing nightly on our TV screens goes to a whole new level.

    It is nothing less that a wholesale importation of the majority of the population of Syria into the those member states of the European Union that form part of the Schengen Agreement.

    The transport technology and infrastructure of the early 21st Century permit this of course. Which is why it is happening: it is now physically possible for a whole population to move itself to another area and therefore – faced with the unpalatable prospect of life under the so called “Islamic State” they are understandably availing themselves of the opportunity to do so!

    To those who suggest that they should stay in Syria the British Gazette asks a very simple question: Would you?
    Since this population transfer is currently taking place, let us examine the consequences for those European countries that are the hosts.

    Importing (it is probable that the use of this term will be deemed xenophobic and racist but we believe it to be the most accurate term to use) another country’s population over such a short period of time means that any thoughts of “integration” go right out of the window. Integration takes time. This importation is happening right now. What we are seeing is not only people leaving Syria for Europe but leaving Turkey for Europe. Note the numbers of Syrians presently in Turkey.

    What does this mean?

    Well it depends of the numbers, but for Germany and Sweden it means in effect a merger of the two countries. In other words Germany is in effect going to become Germany-Syria.

    Yes, Germany will still be geographically where she is. But she will become a different country.

    Now before such as Polly Toynbee reaches for the blood pressure pills – or the telephone to report a “hate crime” – let us be clear of one thing: the truth of the statement: “The past is a foreign country: They do things differently there.”

    In the case of the UK, this clearly is the case. If one had a time machine such as Doctor Who’s TARDIS and went back one hundred years to Bradford or Dewsbury in the West Riding of Yorkshire, one would see an entirely different society and culture to the one that exists today in 2015.

    Now, the change of population in West Yorkshire took place over a period of half a century. As a result, the migrant population whilst retaining its culture, faith and mores was able to adapt and to a partial degree, integrate. Importantly, this community have developed their own politics. In the case of the UK this for the most part means joining the Labour Party.

    Such a situation is NOT going to occur in Germany. What is going to happen is that along with importing the population of Syria, Syria’s politics will also be imported.

    There is no need to explain the consequences.

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