• The Rules – by President Zeman.


    His Excellency Miloš Zeman President of the Czech Republic has issued some rules to migrants wishing to settle in his country:

    The first one: Nobody invited you.

    The second one: Now you are already here, you have to respect our rules as we respect your rules when we arrive in your country.

    The third one: If you don’t like it, get out of here.

    Things are very different in the West Riding of Yorkshire:

    • Wasn’t that the declared conditions of Australia as well? As Steve says, so obvious but, so unreasonable that our powers that be, do not expect the same.

    • Why is our government so weak. Surely they have advisors who are fully capable of coming to intelligent decisions like the president of the Czech republic; or are they so overwhelmed by the problems they themselves have contributed to so substantially.

    • It seems so obvious, so reasonable.

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