• When did you last beat your wife?


    Earlier this month – unreported by the BBC TV News of course – two activists from the Femen group, known for its protests by bare-chested women with slogans on their torsos, were arrested at a Muslim conference near Paris.

    The controversial gathering, in the Muslim Salon at Pontoise, was devoted to the role of women in Islam, and the two protesters stormed on stage when two preachers were discussing whether it was permitted for wives to be beaten or not.

    Here are a few examples of the teachings of Islam:

    Men are superior to women. (Surah 2:22)
    Women have half the rights of men:
    In court witness. (Surah 2:282)
    In inheritance. (Surah 4:11)
    A man may beat his wife. (Surah 4:34)
    A man may marry up to four wives at the same time (Surah 4:3)
    Muslims must fight until their opponents submit to Islam. (Surah 9:29)
    A Muslim must not take a Jew or a Christian for a friend.(Surah 5:51)
    A Muslim apostate must be killed.(Surah 9:12)
    Stealing is punished by the amputation of the hands. (Surah 5:3)
    Adultery is punished by public flogging. (Surah 24:2)
    No separation between Church and State. (Surah 2:193)
    No opposition party allowed. (Surah 4:59)

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    • I dare not share this with Mrs H.!!!!

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