• The Halfway House.


    Above, publicity for “The Halfway House” the 1944 film directed by Basil Dearden and starring Tom Walls, Françoise Rosay and Mervyn Johns. The film tells the story of ten people who are drawn to stay in an old hotel in a remote Welsh village. The film was shot at Barlynch Abbey on the Devon/Somerset border.

    As the Times newspaper reports that the UK appears to be sleepwalking towards Brexit and the migrant chaos shows no signs of abating, it is time for the British Gazette to again shed some light as to the machinations at Number 10 Downing Street and Conservative Central Office.

    In the film the title “Halfway House” referred to the location of the drama – halfway between this world and the next and not the modern meaning of this term being a place that allows people with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities to learn the social and other skills necessary to integrate or re-integrate into society.

    Both terms curiously relate to Mr Cameron’s ultimate objective however: something he is keeping under wraps.

    What Cameron will end up offering us is of course what he will be offered by Frau Merkel, Chancellor of Germany!

    It will be a stark choice:

    Choice A: Associate Membership of the European Union: This probably will be described as “the Norwegian Option.” This will be an accurate description as it will very much be just that!

    Choice B: Full membership of the European Union which will mean abandoning all opt outs.

    Evidence that this will be the case is the lack of any appreciable negotiation or talk of negotiation. Why? Because it has ALREADY been agreed! In SECRET!

    What does this mean? Some Readers may ask. It will mean that ALL opt outs previously negotiated by previous British governments will be surrendered. This will mean that the UK will have to join the single currency – the Euro in 2020. It will mean signing up to the new federal superstate that will be necessary to keep the Eurozone in existence.

    The reason why the referendum is necessary is that this question HAS to be decided BEFORE 2020 as 2020 is the date in the Lisbon Treaty when things happen and just happens to be the expected date of the next British General Election.

    You see BOTH major parties – Conservative and Labour want this issue resolved BEFORE the 2020 General Election campaign starts.

    It is almost certain that BOTH Conservatives and Labour will have the SAME policy towards the EU – Associate Membership!

    Both major parties are hoping that the Liberal Democrats will be pursuing full membership of the EU. But the Lib-Dems are a minor side show. The REAL battleground of BOTH the STAY/LEAVE referendum AND the 2020 General Election will be: SCOTLAND.

    In Scotland it will be a straight two party fight between Labour and the SNP.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s call for “Quad Lock” – that a majority in all four parts of the UK is required to leave the EU – is NOT going to happen.

    The SNP will campaign for what they delusionally call “independence” – which will in practise mean transferring Scotland’s sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels.

    Labour will campaign for “Devo Max” and “Associate EU Membership.”

    The consequences for Scotland and the UK at the next General Election will be profound.

    Dependent upon the result we will have an international border with the European Union between England and Scotland or we won’t.

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