• Labour’s crisis: It is a NECESSARY evil: It is therefore NOT to be enjoyed.


    The above explains Labour’s attitude towards wealth generation and the attitude of SOME religious persons towards sex – hence the image!

    Labour politicians are keen to see successful businesses established, for them to expand, become world beaters and employ thousands of workers – preferably in Labour constituencies!

    However when the self made billionaire owner decides to spend £250 million a splendid yacht moored in Monte Carlo they foam at the mouth!

    The British Gazette’s message to these folk is clear: GET REAL!

    This is however a BIG problem. You see Labour are desperate to see successful profitable enterprises in the UK as these can bring in the tax revenues they want to spend on such as education, the NHS and tax credits to those “hard working families.”

    However they have a problem seeing very rich people around – those who drive cars such as Range Rovers and Bentley Mulsannes.

    For Labour there is going to be a problem with Lloyds Bank. In the not too far distant future, the Tories are going to sell off the last remaining shares owned by the tax payer in a “Sid” type Public Offering.

    At the moment Lloyds shares are languishing around the 70 to 80 pence mark. Before the sell off they will likely begin to climb. After the sell off they will likely rocket!

    Labour politicians will howl like mad dogs.

    They will howl even more when Lloyds starts paying BIG DIVIDENDS!

    Here is a brain teaser: What has a micron (micrometre) got in common with a politician’s memory?

    Answer: Both are VERY short.

    You see, Corbyn and his acolytes are going to start demanding all sorts of special “one off” and “windfall” taxes of those persons in receipt of Lloyds dividends. They will declare that the taxpayer AKA “hard working families” – will have been robbed by those nasty, greedy money grabbing shareholders! Like your Editor!

    Of course Corbyn will conveniently FORGET that it was his predecessor Gordon Brown and his sidekick Alastair Darling who virtually went on bended knew before the Lloyds Bank Chairman and Chief Executive in 2008 to assist the government in bailing out Halifax – which was at that point a busted bank.

    As a result Lloyds shareholders suffered a huge loss in the value of their shares and went without dividends for a long time. The recent dividends have been paltry by comparison.

    All of this has been and will be ignored. Thus when the long suffering Lloyds Bank shareholders will see a welcome return of their income we will have to endure the vindictive threats of confiscatory special taxes to deprive us of these long delayed sums.

    Declaration of Interest: The Editor owns 25,000 shares in Lloyds Bank. The shares have been the family since 1922. My grandfather sold a farm in 1922 and the Lloyds Bank shares provided his retirement income. In 2022 I will have reached the age of 66 and will – based on current government statements which of course can change – receive the State Pension. Thus, I hope to be able to take a dividend income one hundred years after my grandfather did! The Rogers family have banked with Lloyds Bank since the 1880s.

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