• The tragedy of Redcar.

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    The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the world’s iconic structures, instantly recognisable to people across the globe. Construction begin on the 28th July 1923 and the bridge was completed on the 19th January 1932. It was opened on the 19th March 1932.

    Some British Gazette readers may well ask: What has this to do with Redcar in the North Riding of Yorkshire?

    This: The steel used in the bridge’s construction was made in Redcar. At the steel works which the receiver has announced is closed for good. Redcar Steel works was known as Dorman Long since it’s inception in 1917 and the steel produced was used to build the Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as the Tyne Bridge just a few miles up the Great North Road.

    Now for a personal note from the Editor: I have known Redcar well for a long time. It was part of “my patch” when employed as a Sales Representative. When I put my house in Leeds up for sale, one of the areas I considered moving to was Redcar. The reasons?
    1. Low property prices.
    2. Very good rail services.
    3. Very good road connections.
    4. The beautiful countryside of the North Riding and reasonable access to my favourite spots therein.

    When I went up to view some properties I could not fail to notice some new arrivals. These new arrivals had come from Denmark. No, they were not EU migrants! They were wind turbines! They were not in Redcar. They were however located in the sea off Redcar. They were quite near and highly visible.

    There is of course a CLEAR linkage between this idiotic method of electrical generation and the closure of Redcar steelworks.

    Steel making – as every sentient creature with at least two functioning brain cells knows – is an energy intensive process. Not only must the electricity that is supplied to those engaged in such an enterprise must be low cost, it must be plentiful and reliable.

    One cannot make steel on those days when the wind decides to blow!
    Unfortunately, these FACTS do not seem to have registered in what passes for a brain inside the skull of Our Dearly Beloved Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ms. Amber Rudd.
    Bye the way, Ms Rudd has recently “tweeted”: “Marvellous Blessing of the Pets just finished in All Saints #Hastings. Fantastic barking through hymns. Joyous.”
    (GOTO: https://twitter.com/AmberRudd_MP/status/628631547093098497)
    We dare to suggest that the two small dogs that have been blessed by the priest may well have a greater understanding of wind and what it can be used for than the woman who has just written about them!

    We also dare to question why Ms Rudd seems to be spending her time reporting about blessing pets and NOT ATTENDING to the desperate situation in Redcar! But then since three quarters of the government of this formerly sovereign land has been handed over to a foreign power – the EU – Ms Rudd clearly has a lot of time on her hands! Now we know what she does with some of that time.
    But back to matters of substance: Redcar and steel making in this country.
    One of the other reasons why Redcar closed was that Chinese steel makers have been dumping gigantic quantities of steel on the world’s markets.
    GOTO: http://www.biznews.com/briefs/2015/07/28/china-accelerates-steel-dumping-landing-at-25-below-sas-production-cost/
    It is to be noted that whilst Ms Rudd and her colleagues have simply shrugged their shoulders and said “we can’t do anything” the French and German governments – WHO IN THEORY BUT NOT IN PRACTISE – are governed by the same EU regulations have however managed to do something to protect their own steel makers.

    Ms Rudd and her colleagues have approached this in a slightly different way. They decided to Kowtow to their new friends, the Chinese Communists!

    British Gazette readers will recall the recent announcement that the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset is to be built using Chinese money. We suspect that they may have forgotten to mention that Chinese steel will be used in it’s manufacture!

    So there we have it: A new nuclear reactor built to a French design that has a large number of technical problems attached to it built using Chinese steel with Chinese money. All to be paid for by the hard pressed British electricity user!

    And what is Ms Rudd doing about it?

    Nothing! She spends her time attending services for pet dogs and reporting about it on “Twitter.”

    A question: Is a person who uses “Twitter” called a “Twit” ?

    You could not make it up!

    • Dare I suggest that the members of the public who voted her into office as an MP, are rather short of brain cells themselves.

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