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    In our recent article, “The case of the beautiful lady in the red dress.” of 5th September, I recalled the time when I stood as a candidate for David Owen’s SDP and how the attractive Labour candidate was misled by the enormous support she received at the hustings.
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    The historian Simon Schama however is no longer a young person in their 20s and therefore – hopefully – won’t have been misled by the support he received from the Question Time audience in his confrontation with journalist Rod Liddle.

    Mr Liddle found himself in a lion’s den when he made plain his views on the topic of immigration. This of course was a typically select group of BBC viewers attending in person a Question Time production.

    The Dover audience were extremely hostile to the idea of the country keeping is doors closed – for the most part – to the enormous numbers of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe. Many of these university educated middle class liberal minded “white” people wanted to see many more refugees and migrants arrive in this country.

    Mr Liddle can at least content himself that in the real world: that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and not the fantasy world of BBC Question Time – aka the United Kingdom of Cloud Cuckoo Land – many of the TV audience would have been on his side.

    Let us consider the FACTS of this country’s situation:

    When the politically correct describe this country as a diverse, multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-cultural society, they speak nothing more than the absolute TRUTH!

    Whether or not the Reader likes this or not is completely and utterly beside the point! The FACT is that IT exists! No amount of fantasising will make it go away!

    Now let us examine the REAL WORLD consequences of this situation:

    1. Whilst diverse, there has been little or no integration between certain communities.

    2. Some communities are monumentally divergent in their mores, outlooks, beliefs on life. Let us examine this statement a little further:

    - In the 2nd October 2015 edition of the Church of England Newspaper there is a report (on the front page) about the Anglican church in Canada being told that “theology backs gay marriage.” Doubtless many of last night’s Question Time audience would approve!

    - We have today a situation where many cities in the UK where “Gay Pride” marches are organised from time to time. These events have the full support of the local authority and the emergency services – who are on hand to make sure that all goes swimmingly and without mishap.

    - At the same time we have hundreds of British born people – of both genders – travelling to Turkey and crossing over the border into Syria to live under the so called “Caliphate” established by the terror group ISIS. This is a society where men who would describe themselves as “Gay” in the UK are thrown off the top of tall buildings – merely because they are what they are. Presumably this is the sort of society these emigrants from the UK want to live in.
    - We have areas of this country which are patrolled by Muslim men enforcing “Muslim values” – telling passers by to adjust their dress and not to consume such things as alcohol or pork meat. Now, whilst there are circumstances where such as police officers tell people to desist drinking in public, we know of no case where a police officer has told a member of the public to stop eating a ham sandwich – even if the said ham sandwich had been purchased at a railway station – and thus a lineal descendant of the “British Rail sandwich!”

    Now a common mistake is to imagine that these things are happening in isolation and that other countries are not similarly affected. This pattern of gross divergence of community views has occurred in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

    The problem is that the ruling elites of these countries are in denial. They face a nightmare situation. Paralysed with fear they do nothing except actively seek to make out that there is not a problem.

    Now back to the David Owen’s SDP. As British Gazette readers will know, Doctor David Owen was a medical doctor. As such he, along with other doctors – including the Editor’s cousin – will have come across cases of patients presenting very late with certain serious illnesses, and that had the patient presented themselves earlier their chances of making a recovery would have been greater. Sadly in some cases the patient presents far too late and their condition has become terminal.

    Sadly it appears that if the ruling elites do not begin to try an get a grip on the situation their countries are doomed. “Getting a grip” MUST in these circumstances mean that they must not make the situation worse.

    To readdress the medical analogy: when a person has had a heart attack or a stroke they are told to quit smoking (assuming they are a smoker). This is not because quitting will repair the damage done to their arteries but because it will not make the arteries worse.

    For such countries as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK – all of whom have large Muslim communities with mores and values grossly divergent from the large LBGT (Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, Trans-gender/Transvestite) communities they also have – to increase the numbers of Muslims from socially conservative countries such as those in the Middle East is to invite disaster!

    That is not to say that these desperate people should not be helped. They most certainly should be. But that help should comprise assistance to allow them to stay safe within reasonable proximity to their homeland so they can return when conditions improve.

    We are already seeing in Germany that the migrant welcoming parties filmed by the BBC are not the whole story.
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    Of course, by publishing this article the British Gazette and it’s editor will be deemed outrageous.

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