• The Curse of being Nigel Farage.


    Above, Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, Chancellor of the German Empire.
    So? What has von Bethmann Hollweg got to do with Nigel Farage? We hear you ask Dear Reader. Read on Dear Reader – Read On.

    One has to feel sorry for Nigel Farage.


    Because feeling sorry for oneself is the self-indulgent road to depression and avoid that road at all costs.

    Therefore the solution is to feel sorry and take pity on another.

    Therefore all – excepting Nigel Farage of course – should feel very sorry for Nigel Farrage.

    Very sorry indeed.


    Because Nigel’s public despair over the EU’s latest negotiations over a deal with Turkey vis-à-vis the massing migrants on the Turkish/Syrian border – plus the ones already in Turkey plays into the opposition [the Europhiles] hands for it appears to suggest that there is a Status Quo.

    This is the Europhiles BIG SECRET, the one they do not want the public to know about. YET!
    The one thing Nigel and every other British Gazette Reader knows is that the Europhile politicians regard Truth as a Relative Concept that is subject to constant change: That what is true today is not necessarily going to be true tomorrow.

    The one thing that Nigel and the rest of us in both campaigns HAVE TO DO is to get the truth out that THERE IS NO STATUS QUO. The Europhiles – of which the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat – BBC – will be the most influential will try and portray that the Status Quo exists and can be achieved by voting to stay in.

    The problem with Nigel’s response is that it gives the impression of suggesting that there is and will be a Status Quo as it suggests that Turkey will end up being a member of the EU – as it is currently constituted.

    This is not and will not be the case.

    The EU is desperate to stop virtually the entire populations of the countries of Iraq and Syria coming to settle in Europe. Thus the EU have pleaded with the Turks to help. In this, it can be said that the EU is not wrong. Turkey is one power than can help staunch the flow.

    Turkish membership in some form or another of the EU is at some point inevitable. What we are witnessing is part of an evolutionary process. Some EuroRealists think that the European Union will be destroyed in an 1848 style revolution. Whilst not impossible, it is FAR more likely to evolve into something else. It will in all probably still be called the EU.

    Nigel states (correctly) that Turkey is too poor to join the EU. Nigel is correct in this were Turkey to join the EU on the basis of existing treaties of which Lisbon is the latest. This is because EU membership of any state joining today involves becoming a member of the Eurozone in 2020. This of course WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    EuroRealists have GOT to understand the objectives of their opponents; chiefly, Germany.

    By 2020 the Eurozone will constitute what in effect will be a supra-national state with its own economic government in Brussels and central bank in Frankfurt. Around this core, Germans are planning on having an outer circle of states who are in association with the Eurozone. This will mean that they have their own currencies but will be within the Single Market. This means that they will be subject to the regulations that Brussels put out relating the the single market, without being able to influence such regulations.

    This of course is PRECISELY the point Europhiles like Tim Farron will draw the voter’s attention to! Mr Farron’s preferred solution is to join the inner circle – which would mean joining the Eurozone in 2020.

    What we will see after 2020 is what Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, Chancellor of the German Empire (1909 to 1917) hoped would exist in 1920. That is a Europe with an inner core of states bordering Germany whose economies would effectively be run by Germany using a currency that effectively was a German currency. There would then be a ring of outer states IN ASSOCIATION with with the inner core. Interestingly the borders of both are roughly similar.

    What will be on offer – to those voting to Stay In – will be the Status Quo up to 2020 leading to Associate Membership of the EU thereafter.
    Associate Membership will mean accepting ALL EU Directives in respect of the Single Market and continuation of the Free Movement of Peoples.
    What we need to get across is that the ONLY way that the UK can regain it’s sovereignty is by terminating it’s membership not only of the EU but also of the Single Market.

    The one thing we EuroRealists have to do is to tell the British People the FACTS about what is going on. The problem is that many Tories who are currently declaring that they want to leave the EU may well jump ship when the prospect of “the Norway option” is presented to them. This is the Chimera that Cameron will be presenting to them. It will of course be a deceit.


    Because the presented alternative to that will be to JOIN the Eurozone – which is politically impossible!

    These are the three options in 2017:
    1. Join the Eurozone in 2020.
    2. Become like Norway in 2020 and stay like Norway.
    3. Become like Norway in 2020, but then begin the process of regaining sovereignty as an independent state outside the EEA/Single Market.
    The referendum will of course not present these choices to the people.
    There will be two:
    A. STAY IN – which will mean “Stay in and have a little more freedom of action in certain areas.”
    B. LEAVE will be touted as “Terra Incognita.”

    This is Cameron’s strategy: to DIVIDE the leave/out campaign for the Tories and other EuroSceptics will jump ship and hail Cameron as the Great Victor. Of course, this will leave the Unfortunate Farron with nowhere to go for the option of Eurozone entry will never have been placed on the table. Thus “with a single bound” the “Great Hero” will consider himself to be free of the issue that has divided his party for decades and will be on course to allow his successor (Osborne/Johnson/May/AN Other) a clear shot at increasing their majority in 2020. Central to Cameron’s plan of course is not only to divide the Leave Campaign but also to marginalise the Europhiles in the Labour Party who would like to see closer integration.

    What we have to do in order to have any chance of winning this fight is to present a realistic and attractive alternative to Associate Membership.

    This means tackling the issues of the Single Market and the Free Movement of People head on. The other thing we have to understand is to allow Events to Play Out. We know that millions of fellow Britons are very disturbed at the sight of huge numbers of Muslims coming to settle in Europe. Many of the Muslims already settled here have not integrated and the public are fully aware of this. There is NO need to draw their attention to it! This is a classic case where SILENCE IS GOLDEN!

    The level of deceit employed by the Europhiles is nothing new. Indeed it has been the case ever since negotiations for British Entry began in the 1960s. It has bee a case of one LIE after another. To paraphrase the great Sir Winston Churchill:
    “Never, in the field of politics have so many been lied to for so long by so few…”

    Ultimately, leaving the Single Market is not a problem. In fact it is a superb opportunity as the cost of EU regulations within the Single Market far outweighs the tariffs imposed without. Leaving the Single Market will – IF THE RED TAPE IS DONE AWAY WITH – will make British exports MORE competitive, not less. HOWEVER – IT CANNOT BE ACHIEVED OVERNIGHT!

    The UK has been part of the EC/EEC/EU for 40 years. Since then our government and bureaucracy has become completely intertwined with that of Brussels. It is IMPOSSIBLE to unravel this quickly. It needs a two stage process. The first stage HAS to he the “Norway Option.” Once like Norway we can then begin the process of EEA/Single Market withdrawal.

    The British Left rightly argue that there must not be a race to the bottom in terms of regulations and wages. Yet low wages are a feature of the present situation – which is why large firms like the Single Market.

    This is why the large German firms are encouraging the migrants to come to Germany: Germany has a demographic crisis. German firms want workers keen to be trained and work. This is the same reason why the British textile industry encouraged workers from India and Pakistan in the 1950s and 1960s. Centre-right politicians will do their bidding.

    FACT: If you are a large employer it is far cheaper to import the workers you need from such as Bulgaria, Greece and Romania than to train them up yourself or to employ more expensive British workers.
    RED TAPE hinders small to medium enterprises far more than large enterprises. Which again is why large firms like the Single Market – it makes it harder for their smaller competitors.

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