• The Union: the FINAL decade?


    Amongst the shouts of politically self interested protests from the SNP. Labour and Liberal-Democrats at EVEL (English Votes:English Laws) passing the Commons vote and thus on the way to becoming law one member made an interesting statement. This was from Philippa Whitford the SNP Member for Central Ayrshire.

    Philippa Whitford said: “It is not that the people on these benches do not recognise the issue for constituents living in England; we absolutely recognise it and that’s why we welcomed our parliament. But for all the issues that have been raised, does the Leader of the House not recognise that, actually, you might as well do the work and have a permanent solution than what this is, which is a hotchpotch – you need a parliament for England.”

    This of course will not happen as the only people who will vote for it are the Liberal-Democrats.

    The Tories won’t want it as any such assembly would have to have some form of PR – which would scotch their chances of forming a majority government.

    The Labour Party don’t want it – for the same reason and also they wish to have asymmetric devolution to secure their power base at Westminster.

    The SNP don’t want it for Scots might like the idea.

    What the Tories have proposed and are putting through is a good compromise. Eventual secession of Scotland now appears very likely within a decade and therefore it would be foolish to legislate for an separate English Parliament when the House of Commons will shortly be assuming the role it did before 1st May 1707 when the two Acts of Union took effect.

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