• The rising tide that will sweep Monnet’s dream away.


    Above, one of the many images now appearing on the internet and social media from the rising tide of alarm and concern about the migration crisis.

    May be it was guilt that caused Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet to set about his plan to unite the whole of Europe into a federal superstate.

    Monnet’s health was fragile. In 1913 at the age of 25, after having his appendix removed, he caught typhoid fever, a contagious sickness brought on by salmonella bacteria. Five years before this in 1908 he failed the army medical which prevented him from being conscripted. Notwithstanding this however, he died on 16th March 1979 aged 90.

    To those of us alive today this may appear mere detail but as a young man Monnet will have seen a whole generation swept away. In the UK we know that the Great War resulted in huge causalities. In France however the result was even greater. More than likely this will have been Monnet’s motivation.

    Then of course Monnet witnessed the Second World War.

    Notwithstanding the nobility of Monnet’s aim it was always destined to fail. President Lincoln summed it up perfectly in Springfield: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    The tide that will sweep Monnet’s dream away is the tide of migration arriving literally on Europe’s shores from the Middle East. The arrival of enormous numbers of Muslim migrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria with social attitudes a world away from the secular 21st Century European population, will (because these countries all possess democratic systems at their national level – mostly involving of of the forms of proportional representation to a greater or lesser extent) result in the election of politicians that the BBC will describe as “far right” and will possess “racist attitudes.”

    What the BBC – who describe themselves as being “hideously white” – fail to publicly acknowledge is that whilst there are undoubtedly a small number of “white supremacists” who are of the opinion that Hitler was a splendid fellow, many of these politicians and their voters will have come to the conclusion that trying to mix the new arrivals with the animal rights, vegetarian, GAY rights campaigners will be like trying to mix oil and water.

    The creator (who will of course be condemned as a racist Islamapobe) of image featured at the top of this article asks a question to which migrants would likely answer, “We are running for our lives.” For many this is the case. For others from such as Bangladesh and Pakistan this will not be the case and these people will be what are called “economic migrants.”

    For these newcomers. Once arrived, they will focus on keeping body and soul together and will start to try and make a life for themselves in their new homes. It will be after about five to ten years when these people have established themselves and will have made new lives many will start to take an interest in the politics of their new countries. Of course the problems will have started before then as these people will already have added to the numbers of those who have a moral and social philosophy fundamentally at odds with many indigenous Europeans.

    The electoral results of this migration crisis will of course begin before then as well.

    So, what about the UK?

    The one thing we can be certain about is that we are living through a period of great change. It is likely that we will see in the period up to 2020 the election of many “far right” politicians in Europe. The first instance of which appears to be happening in Poland: http://www.mail.com/int/news/europe/3911850-exit-poll-right-wing-party-wins-polands-parliamentary-vote.html#.1258-stage-hero1-11

    If any form the government – as a majority or in a coalition – this will have a dramatic effect on the British establishment body politic.

    We have already seen to a small extent the reaction of the six parties that comprise this establishment. These parties are – alphabetically – the Conservatives, the Greens, Labour, the Lib-Dems, Plaid Cmyru and the SNP. We have already seen how these parties react at the local authority level when the BNP manage to get a councillor elected. The result is to have no contact with that councillor. They are frozen out.

    The election of a far right government in a European country will result in unity of attitude across these six parties. We will see a very rapid realignment of these countries attitudes towards the UK’s EU membership. We will see these parties become more openly supportive of the idea for leaving the EU. Of course, this will be a charade.

    The aim of the British establishment is “Associated Membership” of the EU. Whether it is described as being outside the EU like Norway OR “in association with the EU” by not being a member of the EU but by being in the Single Market – the end result is THE SAME.

    What does this mean for the In/Out cum Stay/Leave referendum?

    It means whatever way you vote you will end up with mostly the same result! The ONLY real difference will be in the name given to it!

    The one hope the UK has of achieving REAL independence is that the whole rotten edifice breaks up due to internal disagreements – election of so called “far right” politicians will be central to this.

    You see, remaining in the Single Market still means that this country has NO control over who comes to live and work here. What this will mean is that when “far right” politicians get some authority in European countries large numbers of Muslims settled there will seek to come to the UK. And since these folk will be EU citizens the UK will have NO POWER to stop them.

    Europe’s Muslims regard the UK as a very “Muslim friendly” country. There will be no shortage of mosques and madrassas as Saudi Arabia will supply the money for as many the Muslim community want.

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