• It is not what is on the outside of the skull that matters, it is what is on the inside.


    The politically correct feminist commentariat will criticise your Editor for publishing “irrelevant and blatantly sexist images” or two women. The images above are there – as are all images used – to make a point. The original point behind these images was of course to draw the viewer’s attention to the charms of the two ladies.

    Organs such as the British Gazette are denounced as “far right” and “racist” by daring to suggest there is a problem with our “multi-cultural” “multi-faith” “multi-racial” diverse society. Rather than counter the argument directly, point by point, they resort to aggressive condemnation. Calling someone or some article or some publication, “Racist” is their most effective weapon as it tends to cause a large number of non political people who are best described as “the people in the street” to give such a wide berth.

    This is because most people do not stop to consider the point. Their lives are too busy and quite frankly they won’t spare the time.

    However, by shutting down debate the establishment are abandoning all efforts at trying to do something. The reason is simple: they fear (correctly) that the nation past the point of no return some considerable time ago and that the establishment realising that they are sitting astride a wild horse they cannot control are concentrating all their efforts on staying in the saddle.

    This is why we are seeing new “anti-extremism” legislation put forward in almost every session of Parliament. Each is part of a process – to try and keep control. The “powers that be” now realise that the situation can only now be allowed to “play out.” We will likely see over the next few decades the country broken up into small regional states. These will by necessity independent as there can be little practical sharing of sovereignty between an Islamic state operating on Sharia Law and a mid to late 21st Century democratic Western European secular state.

    It is likely that an Islamic state will exist in the East and West Midlands and another across Lancashire/Yorkshire. London will be divided in a way similar to Jerusalem.

    The European Union will be a distant memory. As will Messrs. Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Farron and Miliband.

    Does the British Gazette offer a solution?

    No. There is NO practical solution to this.

    All we are doing is pointing out what is coming down the tracks and being lambasted by those responsible for it for doing so!

    Maybe however we should have used this image to make out point:

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