• Desperate Dave goes to Iceland.

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    No, this is not a case of our errant Prime Minister visiting a freezer food store but a quick trip half way across the North Atlantic to a very beautiful sub Arctic island to meet it’s government for talks.

    For some time now the political commentariat – of which this organ forms part – have been ruminating on Desperate Dave’s strategy. We are finally beginning get some clues – hence the Don McLean music video on Youtube.

    Mr McLean’s song has been used as castles in the air – plans or hopes that have very little chance of happening – seems to encapsulate very nicely our PM’s hopes.

    Desperate Dave you see seems to be hoping that the dramatic developments taking place in Europe will result in the new member states that form the ex-Warsaw Pact bloc, will be able these to be formed into a new bloc – led by the UK (Yes, Dear Reader, we know! In Desperate Dave’s dreams!) – that will comprise the outer or associated bloc of the EU. You see, this poor deluded soul imagines a new Europe comprised on the present Eurozone – of necessity welded into an effective federal superstate – and an “outer ring” comprising the new ex communist bloc and possibly Norway and Iceland and of course the UK!

    The strategy or “game plan” in Desperate Dave’s imagination might go like this: “In EU negotiations you need votes/supporters. We will get these from the East and argue for a new settlement using the necessity of a new treaty negotiation to establish the Eurozone superstate. It will result in us getting an agreement that gives us continued membership of the single market, a reasonable measure of influence on shaping EU regulations pertaining to same, some retrenchment on the free movement of Peoples by redefining back to free movement of Labour. Most of all, it will result in a formal, constitutional split between the Eurozone bloc and the outer bloc, with the commitment to join the Eurozone being rescinded and since the UK will be the largest member of this “outer bloc” the UK will lead it and therefore Moi and my successor George (Osborne) will be able to continue to hobnob with the US President as a major player!
    British Gazette comment: In your dreams!
    Understand this Desperate Dave: “Leadership” of those countries in Eastern Europe has been a principal aim of German foreign policy since the days of Bismarck! Frau Doktor Merkel IS NOT going to allow the UK to take Germany’s place! Do you really think that the German political establishment is going to let all those years and billions of Deutsche Marks/Euros result in nothing!

    If so, then we can only conclude that maybe Desperate Dave really does believe that one can power an advanced industrialised state using wind turbines and rooftop solar panels and Mr Anjem Choudary’s followers can really be persuaded to feel happy about a Gay Pride event being held in their area!

    This leaves us with a question: Which particular planet does Desperate Dave think he is living on?

    • There are many things going wrong in EVERY country.Not just Europe as a whole.My country still faces unemployment and debt as well. India has too many people. Russia faces very low population rates. They are skyrocketing downward. Although it would be an easy fix, all you need to do is move some of the Chinese, which is an OVERPOPULATED country, to Russia to fill in those giant gaps. But I’ve read that the Russians don’t seem to happy of that idea. Which was a shock because Russia and China are friends.

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