• The EU, Immigration and BREXIT – by Roger Wright-Morris.


    Above: No holiday – an uncomfortable looking female tourist cycles past a crowd of migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos.
    The EU is under populated in comparison to the UK. It would need to absorb over 841 Million immigrants to reach a similar density per square mile as the UK. Objectors to unsustainable immigration are denounced as racists. This is a travesty of justice for many reasons.
    This word “Racism” is a sharp bladed sword that is wielded like a club in a crowd. Unwise always, but also blindness to reality is no answer and certainly no solution.
    The support of the use of the word Racism, like the intentions of many warm hearted do-gooders, results in “reverse racism”. This is likewise quite wrong.
    Most people supported a reasonable increase in immigration. There must always be a sustainable balance for the UK’s existing culture and indigenous acceptable balance of peoples from all over the world. This was the position until the 1990’s or say up to say 2000. In the years since then there has been a transformation in population mix and numbers. The unsustainable position in which the UK now finds itself reveals all pre 2000 critics of immigration numbers as hopeless optimists.
    There are increasingly insufficient financial resources, infrastructure, houses, NHS services, schools, police and other public services, space on the roads for the population, etc.
    The increasing trend of gross immigration, currently over 640,000 p.a., is unsustainable if the UK’ social, religious, economic and moral structures and infrastructures are to retain a sustainable balance.
    The economic effects of the 2015 immigration bulge are on balance entirely negative. The UCL migration report published in November 2014 revealed, said Ron Liddle in the Sunday Times that the net total cost to the UK state of non-EU migrants living in Britain between 1995 and 2011 was £118 billion. The recent developments can only make these costs higher.
    The majority of immigrants swell the labour pool at the lower levels which reduces wages in those levels and reduces standards of living. No Trade Unionist should betray his members by supporting this. The over-burdened UK infrastructure, once creaking, is now beginning to topple.
    If it is desired by Government to continue with an open door immigration policy in reality, until the UK leaves the EU, and are prepared to see this gross immigration per annum rise then an honest and open debate is essential.
    The Exit the EU Referendum will resolve the immigration crisis as well as the financial crisis as there is an increasing awareness that the UK does not want and cannot in any way benefit from :-

    1. Being part of a united political Federal EU. That is the main intention and steady course of the EU. It can only so continue under the treaties. “The single currency of the Euro cannot work without political union”, says economist George Magnus. That is the established view.

    2. Being part of a united tariff area involving 7% [and reducing in the EU] of our GDP and which restricts the free trade for the other 93% [and growing worldwide] of the UK GDP

    3. The pound sterling continuing to guarantee the obligations of the EU Euro countries to the IMF and to The ESF as well as paying for bail outs of failed Euro states. [The calls to do so, as in the case of Ireland, Greece and Portugal saw the UK borrowing yet more billions to bail out Euro members and then the UK has to borrow more to pay the interest until these monies are repaid , if ever, but not before 2042.]

    4. The European Court of Justice having supreme powers to over-rule the UK Supreme Court.

    5. Continuing to suffer the annual indirect costs of EU demanded red tape on the 93% of GDP not involved with the EU costing in excess of £100 Billion p.a. rather than on the 7% which trades with the EU.

    6. Continuing to pay the rising annual direct costs demanded by the EU now running at £13.5 Billion [in excess of £405 per second].

    7. The undemocratic unelected bureaucratic un-dismissible inefficient ineffective and hugely expensive and wasteful EU Commission to dictate to the Queen in Parliament at Westminster.

    8. To be represented by a bureaucrat acting for 28 nation states at the International Government Organisations that set the Global standards. The UK must again sit at the top table itself like Norway. We can recover our Fisheries and fishing industries. We can again export £2 Billion instead of importing fish to that sum.

    9. The powerless and hugely wasteful and expensive EU parliament

    10. The expensive and growing EU Foreign policy organisation and Diplomatic representation that is growing at huge expense. The UK can do it itself alone as it is doing and always has done superbly.

    WE seek a solution to our problems by VOTING OUT!

    • Absolutely spot on. But why is it the majority of people in this country are not bothered by the disaster awaiting them and/or their children?

    • Info Wars on You Tube; “Austrian women arming themselves against Muslm rapists”.
      The Truth Seeker site; “migrants refuse to leave coaches to be housed in a holiday camp in Sweden because the area was too rural”.
      And we don’t really know the half of it.
      * One of the few countries where it is still legal to buy and own a gun.

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