• Tackling slavery.


    The Church of England Newspaper of 23rd October 2015 reported upon an unusual variant of “BOGOF” (Buy One Get One Free) that took place on London’s Oxford Street. The articles subject to the “BOGOF” were human slaves! This obviously highly illegal street selling activity was of course a stunt and was staged by those campaigning for more effective action to stamp out the modern day practise known as human trafficking – what slavery is called nowadays.

    Human trafficking is one of the curses that we in Western Europe have to contend with because many of the migrants being transported into Europe end up in this frightful position. The FACT of the mater is this: many of these poor desperate people are in fact victims of crime as they are forced into performing sweated labour and housed in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions by cruel and greedy criminals.

    Who are these criminals? Many are from the same national/ethnic/linguistic back ground as their victims. The difference being that these slave masters have the legal right of residence in places such as the UK and money. Possession of both together with the necessary language skills – one has to be able to communicate with one’s property after all – enable these criminals to make large amounts of money. Not that any of these illicit revenues are paid to the tax man!

    This forms part of what is known as the black economy.

    In order to tackle this horrific trade in human misery two actions need to be undertaken:

    1. The Westminster parliament must regain complete authority in this area. That means not only leaving the EU but also the Single Market as well. This is because not only has the UK to possess the power to control its borders, it must be able to shape its own criminal justice, employment, social and health care legislation without asking permission of the European Union.

    2. Abandonment of the EU’s shackles must not mean a completely Laissez-faire approach to regulation. Regulation properly and rigorously applied can result in FAR more effective action than outright criminalisation.

    A classic example is the attitude of this and past UK governments to this issue of consumption of tobacco products including smoking. In the early 1950s the majority (possibly fourth fifths) of adults smoked or chewed tobacco. Now the figure is one fifth. This has been achieved through advertising, education, taxation and the use of subtle role models.

    Advertising is a very powerful tool. Readers will be aware of a certain Raquel Welch. This lady was hired by Coca Cola for an advertising campaign in 1970 to promote the soft drink. She was paid an enormous sum, not because the directors of Coca Cola were besotted fans but because they were hard nosed businessmen, as was Miss Welch’s agent no doubt. They paid the money because they knew they would get a positive return.

    Upon the UK regaining it’s full sovereign powers, what needs to happen is this:

    The Department for Work & Pensions, the UK Border Agency and the Police need to get serious about detecting, raiding, apprehending and prosecuting these modern day slave masters. This requires two things: Courage on the part of politicians and more money for the Police. This means that the cuts to Police funding and the numbers of officers needs to be put into reverse, significantly and quickly.

    Why do the UK’s politicians need courage? We hear some of you ask Dear Reader.

    Because most of the offenders are from ethnic minority communities. This will result in cries of “RACISM.” The UK’s politicians desire to be identified with politically correct persons and causes. A classic example is Camila Batmanghelidjh and Kid’s Company.

    However, courage is needed to tackle another area of exploitation. One of the worst forms of this human exploitation is to be found in what is known as the sex industry. Young women (it is generally women) are duped and/or coerced into working as prostitutes. This form of modern day slavery is of course one of the most serious forms and those felons convicted of this should be handed down very substantial custodial sentences and their assets should be seized under the provisions of POCA – Proceeds of Crime Act.

    These calls will of course be met with support from across the political spectrum. One UK politician in particular has achieved prominence in this is Ms Harriet Harman.

    The British Gazette’s opinion about prostitution is to be found here: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/prostitution-should-we-make-it-legal/

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