• The Norway Option: The TRUTH.


    The British Gazette has been somewhat dilatory of late.

    We have allowed David (Liar, Liar My Pants are on Fire!) Cameron to get away with bare faced lies about the Norway Option.

    Why? Tactics.

    However we have decided to change tactics because of the old adage: “A lie is around the world before the truth has got it’s pants on.”

    You see, Cameron is LYING about the Norway Option as it is the Norway Option that it looks like he has already agreed – IN SECRET – with his fellow EU members that this is what the UK will get!!!!!

    This is why he HAS to make out that what Norway has is something other than what the UK is going to get.

    You see, the Norway Option is NOWHERE like as bad as Cameron and the rest of his crew of crooks make out. Therefore Cameron is misrepresenting what the Norway Option is, making it appear to cost more and give less influence than it has because Cameron will be bringing back the Norway Option at the end of his “negotiation” and therefore has to show that he has improved on it!

    Of course many members of the public would be shocked that Cameron would practice such blatant deceit. However, British Gazette readers know that this is a man who stood before his Sovereign Lady and swore to defend her Sovereign Prerogatives and to ensure that NO foreign prince or potentate shall have precedence in this land.

    So naturally they have NO reason to suppose that Cameron is going to be any less dishonest with them than he is with the Queen.

    An example of another jaw dropping Cameron statement:And this from a man who pushed through what he calls “Equal Marriage” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For a detailed critique on the Norway Option:
    GOTO: https://medium.com/@WhiteWednesday/why-the-leave-camps-cannot-allow-the-lies-on-norway-to-pass-89b27f588add#.7aetz9np2
    GOTO: http://peterjnorth.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/the-case-for-leaving.html
    The PROBLEM with the Norway Option is this: The UK will still have NO control over it’s borders and immigration policy!

    What this means is this: ALL the migrants presently wishing to settle in Germany and Sweden, will, once granted permanent right to remain with their newly acquired EU Citizenship WILL have the right to relocate to the UK should things go “pear shaped” in Europe! This means electoral success by Marine Le Pen and the Front National and Frank Franz and the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (National Democratic Party of Germany).

    HOWEVER: Were the UK in the position of Norway we could react to such a situation then. Rome was not built in a day and full restoration of UK sovereignty will not be achieved in a day.

    Remember, the situation in the EU is HIGHLY UNSTABLE. This could go from bad to very much worse and this could happen very quickly.

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