• The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat: Wasting the Licence Fee – AGAIN!

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    One of the problems of being a zealot is that you have the urge to embark upon a course of action that you know will prove unprofitable. But you do not care! Because profit is NOT your objective, your objective is to promote what you believe in.
    Now this is all very well, indeed, it may be regarded as commendable. But ONLY when you are doing it with your OWN money! NOT other peoples!
    Of course the BBC does not have much money of it’s own. It spends most of what it gets from one of the few remaining examples worldwide of a “Poll Tax.”
    Ah!!!! We hear some Liberal Democrats shouting! They are saying that the TV Licence is not a Poll Tax! Errr. We would disagree. Now the BBC has got the government to extend the TV Licence to include internet usage and given the now near universality of the combined media of Internet/Radio/TV the TV Licence can reasonably regarded as a tax and because it is applied equally regardless of income or assets it is a POLL TAX!
    So given that the State Broadcasting Organisation gets most of it’s income from the one dedicated tax in the UK, a reasonable person would conclude that it should seek to satisfy the viewing wishes of most of it’s licence/tax payers.
    The actor Peter Capaldi who plays the latest incarnation of Doctor Who, made comments along this line when he criticised the BBC for screening the popular Sc-Fi drama too late in the evening for it’s young audience. This was a case however of the BBC being caught between two particular stools for the BBC does acknowledge the need for popular appeal because the other programme they were wishing to screen at peak time on Saturdays was “Strictly Come Dancing.”
    However the BBC does from time to time succumb to the desire to “spread the message” of “diversity.”
    The latest vehicle for this appears to be a drama entitled “London Spy” to be screened tonight at 9:00PM on BBC2. Reading the preview in the TV guide, this appears to be a well produced drama and has been given four stars by the newspaper’s TV critic. This is generally the hallmark of a good drama. There is however an obvious flaw: it is based around a romantic liaison of two men.
    Ah!!!! We hear Liberal Democrats experiencing apoplectic fits reacting to the Editor’s homophobia!
    This is EXACTLY the “knee jerk” unthinking reaction one expects from such as the Liberal Democrats.
    It is a FACT – albeit one that most Liberal Democrats do not like – that MOST people are heterosexual and not homosexual. Had therefore the BBC commissioned the writer to make one of the characters involved in the romance a man and the other a woman the BBC would appear to be on the way with a good modern British drama, hopefully one they could sell overseas and help with the revenue.
    At this point the British Gazette would like to apologise to it’s readership in the County of Westmorland for any delays and/or inconvenience caused by the ambulance involved in attending to Mr Tim Farron as a result of his reading of this article.

    • As you rightly say, most people are heterosexual so isn’t it time we started to complain about all the HETEROPHOBIA in the media that is the result of giving this minority unequal protection under the law?

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